Postma should not start another game


I was all for replacing Allen with Postma after the first three games, but Postma has proven to be a turnover machine.

If Applewhite is true to his words that the number one priority of his QB is to take care of the ball, then Postma should not start another game for the Cougars.

As much as I was would love to see King start at QB for the rest of the year, I know that won’t happen so at least Allen should start the next game.


Applewhite will say the TOs were a result of effort plays. He’s already said that INTs due to bad throws won’t get you benched, only bad decisions

(Ben B) #3

This wasn’t on Postma.


I am starting to agree that postma wasn’t the reason we lost. The defense of scheme in the second half is to blame


Yes it was on the defense but Postma sure didn’t do the things he needed to do when it matter most. I love Kyle and will always remember what he pulled off against Memphis two years ago, but it is time to go in a different direction.

(Nathan) #6

Postma tonight, 1 TD, 1 INT, 2 fumbles, and throwing behind receivers AGAIN. He was atrocious. Allen should be starting. Postma never should have been starting to begin with.

(Will) #7

Only a dumbass would blame Postma


I don’t blame Postma. I like him a lot. However, the season is toast and I would like to see the kid from John Tyler.


Our team scored enough points to win.

FORTY TWO POINTS given up in the second half. FORTY TWO! This is the DC.

Now, that said, KNOWING your defense has given up THIRTY FIVE POINTS up to that moment, on fourth and one, you decide to punt and put the game into the .hands of the DC and defense that has given up THIRTY FIVE POINTS.

ONE BLEEPING .YARD. If you can’t spread the defense and get ONE BLEEPING YARD you need to go.

(Michael McCarthy) #10

Get the one yard, and Postma probably doesn’t fumble and throw an interception in do or die time.

(Nathan) #11

That’s Postma’s touchdowns, interceptions, and fumbles in his 4 starts. 10 turnovers in 4 games!!!

(Chris) #12

Friends there is no point to insult each other.
Our Coaching staff has been “all over” since they took over. One stat says it all
First half:
0 points for Memphis
Second half:
42 points for Memphis
Any questions?


There has to be some kind of drama going on with Allen and Applewhite. Before tonight’s game, Allen’s stats were clearly better than Postma’s. I see no other reason why Allen isn’t getting one more shot.


I don’t think Postma was terrible last night. When your offense scores 38 points, you should win the game. That being said, maybe it’s time to see what King can do. They have nothing to lose at this point. They will struggle for bowl eligibility regardless of who the QB is. Let’s give King a shot!


Yep. This was a team loss but Postma is not the answer at QB.

(Jimmy Morris) #16

6 INTs not 7. Doesn’t take away from the fact that 9 turnovers in 4 games is too much. Allen was 4-4-1 himself which includes no turnovers in 1 of the three starts. Postma was 100% not the cause of the lost tonight though. Two of the turnovers were late game trying to make plays because our defense wasn’t doing their job. That being said, Applewhite shouldn’t wait for Postma to have a 4 turnover game to give King a chance. Major needs to look toward the future. Give King some starts and if he can’t do any better, then Bryson to King can be the focus in the Spring.


The last fumble was a killer. He had a great run to get to mid field (maybe even into Memphis territory) and doesn’t even get hit that hard. He lands on the Memphis defender and just drops the ball. The bad thing is that we had around 58 or 59 seconds left with three timeouts-we were in a great position to win the game.


Lack of second half adjustment and defensive collapses is now a pattern with this coaching staff and team. Hopefully they’ll i.d. the problem and fix it.

That being said, I don’t know why they don’t give King a chance. If we have something there, get him the experience for next year. If not, we’ll keep looking, but we know what we have in Allen and Postma. Where the QB goes is where this team goes.

(Ryon Adams) #19


Concur with the first part, but King appears to help us more on jet sweeps and as a receiver.

(PMM) #20

Last nights loss was strictly and undeniably on Applewhite !!