Postma to start..announced on game day

(J V ) #1

I just caught on ESPN game day. Allen is taking a seat to Postma.


Also just heard . Kind of shocked figured they would stick with Allen


Just saw that. Surprising to me, actually. I thought Major would stick with Allen out of ego. Glad I was wrong.

(G.W.) #4

He is making the right decision. We know what we have in Allen. Time to give others a shot at driving this O


Didn’t expect to hear that. Had to rewind it.

(J V ) #6

Yeah, I too thought MA would stick with Allen a bit longer.

(itcoog) #7

Still think King is our best option.


Before the game starts I just want to say I agree with this decision 100%.


I think so too. I just wish he could have stay healthy through camp. He might have been out there today starting at QB.


Last time we played at Temple we had a qb change and never looked back the rest of the season.

(Jimmy Morris) #11

Just because Postma is starting, doesn’t mean King isn’t going to get reps.


I hope that’s right Shaggy. Props to Applewhite for seizing the opportunity. I did not think he had it in him.
Go Coogs.!

(Jimmy Morris) #13

Applewhite says over and over, the most important thing as QB is you have to take care of the ball. Allen, for the second time in three games, had multiple turnovers. If Allen was still the starter, then Applewhite wouldn’t be a man of his word.


Applewhite is a coach. Only one if those I know is a man of his word and it’s not CMA.

(Ryan) #15

Based on what? Why is Applewhite not a man of his word?


Research an incident on the UT campus when he was a GA there.

(Ryan) #17

I thought you were referring to something recent.

(Tom) #18

Like this decision to start Postma