After today’s game I’ve been wondering what’s next for Postma. At the beginning of his career here he looked like a star at WR and he has really good athleticism. I think he could have a future in the NFL and I’d love to see him get some reps there and put Allen as the back up QB


He does not have a chance in the NFL


As a WR? Says who? There are plenty of athletic former QBs who have transitioned well to WR in the NFL and Postma looked really good in that spot when given the chance


lol no


Allen would be a disaster. He takes the “O” out of the RPO offense. King first, then Postma.


Postma is a better back up, he can run

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I like when the starting QB does his job and we don’t have to worry about who the backup is.

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Postma isn’t fast enough to play WR in the NFL. His only chance would be to bulk up and become a TE, but I wouldn’t bet on seeing that happen as he’d have to put on a lot of weight and he’s never played the position.

I love Kyle, has done a lot for this university and may still have a role to play on this team this season (coaches should have some packages with him and King on the field).


Postma has about the same NFL prospects that Blake Joseph had – that is to say, none. He’s too slow to play WR at that level, too small to play TE, and he doesn’t have the arm or the ability to read the defense necessary to play QB. He seems like a nice kid, but this is it for his football career.

I would like to see him play WR for us, though, If only because we’re so lacking at the position.

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Postma is WB2. Not a regular WR, but hopefully they have some on field opportunities for him over the remainder of the season. Hate it for the young man because he has done some incredible things for our football team. He is much appreciated. Allen is QB3. In retrospect, I think he was a “splash” get for our excoach. Nothing more. Does not fit the system here. Unfortunate for him. Good kid. Hopefully he gets a great opportunity elsewhere next year.


I’m not sure we even know how fast Postma is, he has really good speed in open space. You forget that Welker ran a 4.65 at draft time, Edelman ran a 4.52, Braxton Miller ran a 4.5. I would bet Postma is in that range. I don’t think it’s crazy and I think he would be more valuable taking over King’s old slot


If Postma is our backup quarterback he will not be playing wide receiver. If Allen is our back up then Postma may play wide receiver.


He run in the 4.7 range.


Comparing Postma to those three is silly.

He doesn’t have anywhere near the balls skills those three had in college.


Kyle Postma has no future in football beyond college. Not big enough or fast enough. I love his tenacity and competitiveness though.


I say get that sixth win (hopefully this weekend) and then let Postma play WR the last two games of his college (and playing) career. This is assuming he is good enough to get in the rotation at WR.

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You can’t say both though. You can say he isn’t fast enough to be a WR and not big enough to be a TE but you can also say he is bigger than the average NFL WR and faster than the average NFL TE.

Facts are, we won’t know Postma’s speed until the scouts come to Houston for pro day. There is a difference between measured speed and speed with the ball as well. We have witnessed that Postma has plenty of speed with the ball. It’s almost become a reverse discrimination with him from the fans and the media. I heard the announcers say that King is a dual threat, so he brings more to the table than Postma and Allen.

What we saw out there, Postma didn’t lose his job because of any lack of running ability. He lost the job because he made too many bad throws.

I think Postma needs to be out there in the same capacity that King was out there. Not just for Postma to have a future with the NFL, but because that gives King the same playbook to work with that Postma had. Instead of playing Postma as a wideout in formations like King, let him line up as an H-back IF he doesn’t have true wideout speed but I’m willing to bet that Postma is middle of the pack speed compared to the two-deep chart of our wideouts.


Miller ran a 4.41 at pro day and 4.5 flat at the combine, that is very fast. Edelman is fast and very shifty, had the best shuttle time at the combine. Not sure why those two were brought up in comparison. Then you have Welker who was a star WR and punt returner with 3000 yards receiving and 8 punt return TDs in the Big 12. Welker was an excellent route runner too. Even with that, he was undrafted, then cut by the first team who picked him up.

I do hope Postma gets put back at WR to give him a shot to get more plays on film and give us another weapon.


For all you guys who think you know who can make it in the NFL and who can’t. Your wrong. Johnny Unitas was cut by the Steelers as a 9th round draftee rookie. Paul Brown told him he could come to Brown’s camp NEXT year, and he spent the year playing semi-pro ball. The Colts got him before Brown did and in game four of the '56 season injury required that Ewbank play him. Rest is history.

Also, this is an excerpt from the Pro Football Hall of Fame entry for a famous WR who played in my lifetime (I was born in '59). “…Lack of breakaway speed kept him from being a receiver who could consistently record spectacular long gains …, [but] his precise pass routes and sure hands made him one of the greatest pass catchers to step onto the football field.”

There’s always a spot in the NFL for guys who can do that. So, I’m all for Postma at WR the rest of the year just to see if he CAN do it.