Potential Grad Transfers and regular transfers


Didn’t see a list for this, so thought I would start one. UH has two open scholarships. And a very intriguing name just became available.

(Grant) #2

Oh that could be a really nice get. That 37% from 3 was a down year percentage wise as well. That brought him down just under 40% for his career. And that’s with pretty good volume on more than 500 attempts in 90 games.

(Jay C.) #3

Not to mention he is a Houston native, from Westside High School, and played with Wes VanBeck (one of CKS’s favorite players).

(Randy ) #4

He has some recent UH followers on Twitter too.

(PMM) #5

Never keen on these one year guys.


He actually played in Division 1 unlike Goesling who came in from Division II. Plus, the ship would free up for the HISTORIC 2020 recruiting class.

(Gerald) #7

Any potential bigs in the transfer portal?

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #8

1 year guys in basketball are great to have.
Football , not as much


The program success and national spotlight over the past two seasons, I expect UH to be a destination place for many transfers, so with that in mind, we can afford to take our time and chose among the best.


Would be a good get. Imagine they’ll also be in the market for backcourt depth given the team is losing about 65 mins a game from their senior guards.

(Ben B) #11

We have two great incoming guards.


Meaning the team will have 5 total to play 3 spots, even assuming the two incoming freshman can replicate Robinson’s and Davis’s minutes/ production. What happens if one or two of the guards gets injured? They’ll need additional depth.

(Ben B) #13

If we have two leaving and two coming in(one is currently redshirting) that means we have exactly the same amount.

(Jimmy Morris) #14

Don’t know what we have or don’t have but it would be crazy to offer anyone before the LSU drama is complete. Those players got to see a packed FC first hand and if they get granted a release, we would be high on the list for several.


Unless Naz Reid wants to be a Coog, I don’t see anyone worth getting from LSU. Waters is either going to go pro or back up North. Javonte Smart is in this middle of the whole Will Wade situation. No one else really intrigues me on their roster. Naz Reid would be an obvious take.

(Jimmy Morris) #16

Sorry but that is just silly. We all know Sampson is a much better coach. Which means he would get even more out of the players in Houston. They are deep with talent.


Who outside of Reid, Waters, and Smart would you look at? You would commit one of our 2020 scholarships to Emmitt Williams or Darius Days? I don’t know if I would do that.

(Grant) #18

Emmit Williams looks like a pretty good player to me in the few games I’d seen this year. 6’7" and plays pretty big. Solid free throw shooter and was physical attacking the glass.

Looked really good against Kentucky. Now is he Sampson guy? I don’t know enough about him.

(Jimmy Morris) #19

Yes and yes if they wanted to come and Sampson wanted them. Same with Tremont Waters.


I agree about Tremont Waters. Would do that in a heartbeat, but I don’t think he’ll be in play for us.