Potential Grad Transfers and regular transfers



This kid sounds really intriguing. Hold his own vs Kentucky.


Was great in the tourney. I want this kid.

(Dan) #184

Yeah Wofford would be a good program to get a transfer from. They changed coaches too, maybe a waiver???


Is Andy a school or just some guy Aluma has heard from?

(Munzell Milluns) #186

Sampson using the notoriety to go after the players.


Ohhhh… Yes, that would give him a waiver.


Is that an automatic thing for all players, or only incoming players who haven’t played yet? I honestly don’t know how any of the transfer rules work in any of the sports. It seems to be completely random.


putting a squad together


I think it’s only automatic for incoming freshmen who enrolled in summer school. But I think it also helps get a waiver for someone else. Things like academic progress probably come into play in those instances.

However CKS said he’s not looking for rotation players for next year, so we may want him to redshirt anyways.


Not redshirt, sit a year!

(David) #192

Retweet from Duarte.


keve aluma chooses Virginia tech


Too bad, hes good!

(Cristian) #195

So when is tyreek smith committing? I think someone stated deadline was the 15th.


Crossing my fingers.

(Munzell Milluns) #197

Me too

(Chris Alexander ) #198



Hmm …TTU just opened a roster spot

(David) #200

It sure has been quiet. Isn’t today the last day for the signing period?