Potential Grad Transfers and regular transfers


Not a great sign for us getting Smith.

(Cristian) #202

Does look like smith chose nothing in lubbock as opposed to the H.


I’m not terribly worried about Smith’s decision. It would be nice of him to join us, but if he doesn’t, we already have a very similar player coming in J’Wan Roberts and that just means we have space for someone else in the 2020 class.

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #204

I know some guys on this site like hyping up these recruits. While Smith looks good and would even be here this season I am fine if he elsewhere if we can land one of the centers on our board who really fit the needs of our roster more. And not just because they fill a need but because they look really good.


Hmmm… Not that it matters but coming off the successful season and momentum… Kinda disappointing we couldn’t land a Houston boy in LeDee or another Texas HS player like Smith committing late after landing the first visit.


@pesik have said it’s highly unlikely we can sign any of the big men were recruiting for '20.


we’ve offered a bunch of 3star bigs since then…

i said we werent likely to a sign a touted big in 2020…nor did i see us landing any of the bigs we were recruiting at that time (a month ago)…

since we have offered a few big in which we are their biggest offers by a lot…that we can land if we really wanted


What’s consider “touted”


a kid with high rankings and tons of offers


LeDee’s decision was certainly a head-scratcher, as TCU is not in a great spot right now. But I can’t fault a guy like Smith if he wants to go to a program that is coming off of even more momentum and success than ours in Texas Tech.


Having seen LeDee in person in high school I always thought he was a lil overrated. He was always just bigger than most of the other players. Also I don’t know if he wanted to play for a no nonsense coach like KS.


I always thought he was overrated. He peaked as a HS sophomore.


LeDee had really intriguing potential. That kind of size combined with good agility and ball-handling is uncommon, and it would have been nice to see what our staff could do with him since our staff is so good at player development. But, ultimately, he was a project player and not guaranteed to be a contributor.


Plus, we have depth at the 4 where he wanted to played.

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #215

We backed off Ledee which is why he jumped on the tcu offer.

I am fine waiting and seeing what happens rather than speculating and being disappointed.


Wow… Who gave you this inside info lol

(Lincoln Scott) #217

Chris Clarke big man just committed to transfer to Texas Tech from Virginia Tech. This helps our chances with Tyreek Smith. Signing deadline is this Friday May 17th, not today…


There still in the running for RJ Hampton and only have 1 scholarship left so I hope that helps…


Ive been saying this. People need to relax. Texas Tech don’t have nothing on us.

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #220

Progs you are the last person who should be trying to mock anyone for having or not having inside info. Stay in your lane bro​:rofl::rofl::rofl: