Potential Grad Transfers and regular transfers

(Jimmy Morris) #221

Yeah because recruits don’t care about larger home crowds, more nationally televised games, playing in a consistently top 3 basketball conference, back to back elite 8 appearances or being in overtime in the last national championship game. Other than those, they have nothing on us. I think you are confusing comparing the city of Lubbock and the city of Houston with comparing Texas Tech basketball with Houston basketball.

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #222

There are certainly reasons for him to come to Houston over TT but Tech is in a good place with very good selling points.

(Jimmy Morris) #223

I’ll be happy to say that many recruits will like Sampson more than Beard. That Sampson has more experience and long term success than Beard. I’ll be happy to say that the city of Houston has a lot more places for a basketball player to experience than the city of Lubbock. There are definitely reasons to choose UH over TT but those are reasons we emphasize because those are reasons we can defend. For recruits, they have their own things they value and it’s just being too much of a homer to say Texas Tech has nothing more to offer all recruits regardless of their personal values.


and Sampson isn’t going anywhere…Beard will be gone very soon!


Maybe before next season. Tech should be very concerned about Shaka taking the Michigan job.

(PMM) #226

Michigan should be very concerned about Shaka taking the Michigan job !!


Shaka is a really good coach. He just ended up in a crappy athletic department.


I dunno. Hes had 4-n-5 star talent in Texas. Sooner or later you need to blame him for their sub par seasons 🤷


VCU didn’t have the caliber of players that Texas pulls…and he did awesome there.

Maybe he can’t coach up entitled players.


That’s why i would let Memphis get those 5 stars who have one foot towards the NBA. Sometimes theyre not about the culture and team play.

(Munzell Milluns) #231

It takes a certain level of arrogance to get through to entitled kids. Calipari, Boeheim, Wade…et al are masters at it.

(Patrick) #232

He can’t coach bigs. He couldn’t get bigs at VCU so he came up with the all out pressing style that overwhelmed teams. At UT, he can get those guys and has changed who he was.

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #233

He is the one who recruits and he underachieved. There are no excuses.

(Jimmy Morris) #234

It’s a good thing Sampson never offered Jalen Brunson. That 5 star head case about destroyed the Villanova program.


Jahvon Quinerly was another 5-star who was a lockerroom distraction for them.

(VancouverCOOG) #236

So, what’s the latest on T. Smith?


He’s not going to visit LSU after all. That’s all I know.

(bg) #238

Tyreek To Tech??

khalibs ‏ @ khalid_thomas7 2h2 hours ago
I’m officially re-opening my recruitment.


RJ Hampton is who they might be targeting.

(bg) #240

They now have 2 open spots a Tech