Potential Grad Transfers and regular transfers

Wouldn’t help us this year. We really need Tevin Mack.


im not so sure, grimes was supposed to be a 1 and done and likely would have been gone if his stock was higher…he was a starter at kansas, he isnt leaving for PT…

his best case scenerio was just to improve his game be a 2 and done…why add a whole nother year and be a sitout transfer … IMO he probably thinks he can get a waiver


Grimes is leaving because he wants to play the point. If he stayed he would be off the ball again.


Tevin Mack is also the same guy who played 17 minutes against UK and only recorded one rebound. Ok.

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In a win over Kentucky he also scored 22 points on 12 FGA’s and had 5 rebounds. He’d be a very nice pickup at this point.

He knows exactly who’s minutes he’d be getting here. That has to be a selling point. How many years does Mack have left? Edit: googled him and answered my own question. One year. Which is perfect because it doesn’t mess with our scholly allotment we have been recruiting with for future classes.

Rebounding can be taught and also depends on defensive set. Hence our leading rebounder last three years is a guard. By design. Why you trolling?

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I wouldn’t worry about Mack’s ability as much as I would about his mentality. Makes you wonder how well he would listen to our coaches if he has spent his last two seasons with one foot out the door. According to Alabama’s new coach, Mack hasn’t even bothered to sit down and talk to him. Not exactly a great sign that the kid brings a good attitude. If Sampson brings him in, it’s going to be because Sampson didn’t have any other decent options.

He was an issue at Texas and leaves. And was an issue at Alabama and leaves. There is a pattern.

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Kansas probably trying to run him off as well. Look at his stats. He’s a bust. Peaked in high school like LJ Rose.

he was a starter and cbs sports said kansas would be a preseason top 5 if grimes came back

grimes was a bust to his expectations not to the standard…but was a starter on a top 25 team, doing 9pts a game as a true freshman

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How I’m I trolling when he didn’t even score a single point or an assist in 17 minutes :roll_eyes:


If we went back and looked at tape there’s always gonna be a 17 minute segment for every player not contributing much in one particular game. Sheez even Harden will have a sleepy first half and then go off for 40 in the second.

Others commented on his overall work ethic and lack of team focus, i think that might be a little more telling than 17 minutes of one game.

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It’s a concern for sure. He supposedly texted with Oates but wouldn’t talk to him. If he was just ready to bounce from Bama after Avery got fired you can kind of see it. Ideally he’d show maturity and at least hear the new guy out, but a lot of kids in their 20’s are kind of like that, opting for texts/emails/DM’s or whatever vs. face to face discussions. But of course adding that on top of getting suspended and transferring from UT raises red flags.

Oates also kind of kicked him on the way out though, which I think is kind of immature as well, so maybe Mack is making the right call?

We definitely need a lot more on court production from a grad transfer this time vs. when we were replacing Davis after he followed his dad and Sunshine came in as a culture guy to help with depth at the very end of the rotation.

There are some pretty respectable programs talking to him in addition to us and we recruited him the first time around, so it seems like the risk/reward makes sense. But he could come here and be another Torian Graham.

Our chances with Grimes are slim and none, and I have an unimpeachable source on that. While he’s a very good player, we don’t offer what he’s looking for unless we plan to move Jarreau to shooting guard or the wing. Fans understandably have concerns about Mack’s temperament, but I’m not sure we have many options at this point. He is a very talented guy (obviously you can’t point to a single bad game and act as if he’s not worthy) and SHOULD be able to seamlessly slide in at Brooks’ spot. And like Brooks he can knock down the three plus he’s 6’6. If CKS is recruiting him then I hope we get him.

If he has issues and distracts the team i dont want him. No matter how good he is. But, if CKS wants him by all means.

He got suspended at UT a couple of years ago and transferred out. His coach got fired at Bama and the new guy was mad that Mack wouldn’t really give him a chance. Those are red flags but not insurmountable on their own. If he comes here and doesn’t buy in he’ll be gone.

At that point it wouldnt matter. He already took our scholarship when we couldve used it on another player.

We have two more to use. Scholarships aren’t a limitation.