Potential Grad Transfers and regular transfers

can you ask your source if he is seeking a waiver? if he is a sitout transfer, dejon will likely be gone by the time he plays

also if he can get a waiver, what quality team is looking for a starting point in June? a waiver likley has some excuse about being closer to home (thats houston for him)…i just checked every texas/oklahoma team is returning its starting point or is flat out of scholarships…houston might actually be his best bet as we have ships and last years starter graduated (if he isnt afraid of competition)

also tevin would be the starter but his game is different than brooks by alot…it wouldn’t be a seemless as you think…


It’s getting good now. I wonder how long ago CKS knew that Armoni was going to leave; maybe a week ago ?! Or like us fans.

He shot 38% from the field 34% from 3
There is a reason why Kansas fans are happy he is gone.

Even with Armani not returning I think we are set to simply reload and press on.
Might as well get used to players leaving early when they are successful. Duke and Kentucky live off one and dones…
And if we continue to dance and produce players you can rest assure some will test the NBA waters earlier than expected.
Bottom line is that it is all good…Go Coogs…


espn and stadium both rank transfers ,they both rank grimes the #2 transfer than came available this year …there were over 800 transfers this year

I knew sooner or later, players were going to leave early as UH was going to be more successful as a program. But I honestly thought it was until next year. I honestly have been following Armoni as a prospect after his junior season. When UH offered. But @bigmccoog does always keep it honest, so his opinion that UH will be ok is great news.

Please let’s get this done.

Would love to land him.

I’ll rephrase it. There is talent there based on his recruitment, but he looked like a guy that lost confidence in his shot so its a mental thing. January 9 to February 23 in 13 games he averaged 5 points 2 rebounds 2 assists and shot 31% from the field. So thats the player I remember and not the guy who his last 11 games average 11 points 3 rebounds 2.5 assists shot 40% from the field. But which player are you getting?

He had been suspended 2 or 3 times at Texas. One that drew the transfer was he allegedly got into a fight after the game with a teammate cause he didn’t pass him the ball for the final shot and he was wide open. They lost. The teammate ended up with a black eye.

So he has a temper problem in a team full of egos? Happen to know what the other one was for? Seems like we’re doing more vetting than actually welcoming. Hopefully if he does come hes a team first guy. We’ve given second chances to alot of people and its paid off. I just want a good team with an aggresive team first mentality.

Can he shoot, tho :eyes::eyes::eyes:

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You can bet your sweet bootie that coach is not going to bring in anyone he feels will disrupt this team and its chemistry. With or without a transfer I think we are sitting pretty nice as a program…


Yep. I can’t wait to see Mills, Hinton and Jarreau go off this year. I also expect big things from Fabian.

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They didn’t say just violation of team rules. May have been academics. The fight with a teammate was just a rumor due to a player ending up with a black eye and Mack getting suspended the same time. And the player with the black eye was who Mack was yelling at after the game for not passing him the ball for the last shot. So lot of circumstantial evidence.

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Well, it’s not like a UH team has never had its internal conflict (see Tyus Bowser and Matthew Adams). It happens over some dumb stuff.

& how did that season play out. One of the most disappointing seasons I can recall.

That’s quite the logical leap there, my friend. That season was disappointing because Tom Herman had one foot out the door pretty much the whole season and quit on his guys when it really counted. The same cannot be said for Kelvin Sampson.


and Harris may fully emerge…He’s already come a long way…better days ahead!