Potential Grad Transfers and regular transfers

Fixed it…thanks…must have been thinking about getting something to eat that included hot rolls LOL

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J’Wan Roberts ‏ @ JWanRoberts8

Who’s in Houston r n? 👀

Kellen Sampson ‏ @ kellenmsampson 56m56 minutes ago

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The Guy V. Lewis Development Center 👀

Kellen Sampson added,


Not mack or mathis. Grimes or someone else…

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Hmmm. Something is about to go down. Is it Grimes!? :eyes:

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or that he just visited clemson and is about to commit…his visit was supposed to be in 2 or 3 days

recruits plan 3 visits, find one they like and cancel the rest of the visits

Sure. But Rothstein’s tweet makes it seem like Houston may have backed off. Why would he put that Oregon is still in the mix?


oregon has like 4 ships to fill…my take is that he has decided on clemson and oregon is whistering sweet nothing into his ears like custom jordans and whatever else nike muscles they have and he wants to atleast check them out

we have 2 ships …getting a commitment wouldnt cause us to cancel a visit we already planned with a recruit

If Sampson believes Grimes can play immediately, then he would probably tell Mack we found our replacement. That’s why I think a commitment is about to be announced. Timing is weird on this one. We could literally sell Mack on taking Armoni’s spot. On a top 20 team. This smells like Houston backed off.

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he never followed single houston coaching staff…he followed clemson’s staff…he said he wants to play as close to south carolina as possible when he left texas… that i why i posted earlier that i wasnt sure if he was even going to make the visit… which he didnt

nor do i see sampson as the gambler who would bet on the ncaa giving him a waiver …i think we will get a grad transfer irregardless of grimes

Possibly. We’ll have to see who else becomes available.

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if im honest i wasnt very high on mack from the get go but didnt want to tarnished a potential recruit …mack is a great type of multi-year recruit that can be developed…

but as a one year player where its take their skills as they are…i didnt like him

his 3pt shot is inconsistent…his 3pt shot is his only offense (has zero handles)…he has no elite game in and game out skill set…despite elite physical measurement his defenses numbers werent good either…

i even watched the full alabma and kentucky game just to buy in…his best game of the season…he hit a bunch of early open 3s…but disappeared for the enitrety of the second half when it got close and they played marginal defense on him…UCF’s grad transfer stood out to me more…
i genuinely think Caleb would have beaten him out by midseason for the starting spot

i was hoping we land grimes and Mathis

Mathis would be fantastic, but I don’t see him not being a Duck next season.


heard it here first folks

Sounds like UH canceled. And has a new target. Thank god!!!

We could of avoided all dis mess had Armoni came back :grimacing::rage::rage:


Is it still possible for him to pull out of the draft? Or was there a hard deadline?

Hard deadline unfortunately.