Potential Grad Transfers and regular transfers

Tevin Mack has now setup visits with not only Oregon, but wait for it, he also setup a visit with Saint Louis. There is no way anyone can convince me that UH is not the one that cancelled on Mack. And the guy we have in to visit today is the reason why.


If there is any brightside to Armoni leaving and possibly getting Grimes to play this year, it’s that Armoni doesn’t have the tools in his tool shed to be Batman. He is more of a Robin. He’s not a guy you could just give the ball to and tell him to create for himself and others by his slashing abilities. Maybe he realized that, and that his upside as a player was almost maximized, so he declared early knowing the NBA is more of a shooting league today more than ever. Before people start getting triggered by my opinion like y’all usually do, that’s just my personal assessment of the situation foos.

Duh. Lol

he did also say in an interview with a local paper yesterday, that he says he didnt like the distance between texas and his home in south carolina. he said being home and close to family is really important to him…says oregon is the exception becuase he loves the staff but notes the distance is really far…says clemson and oregon are his top 2…but giving other somewhat local teams who are recruiting him hard a look in Georgia tech, Illinois and st Louis…

St. Louis is somewhat local? It’s 800 miles from South Carolina. Not much further than Houston. Lol.


This is actually one post I agree with. He’s a spot up shooter, above avg rebounder for his size. Everything else needs big improvements that play at the next level and I don’t mean no G League, overseas next level. Now don’t get too comfortable w my agreement. :grin:

lol i was thinkin the same about Illinois… but according to him he wasnt “pressed” about coming as far as texas like he did last time… he noted oregon was insanely far, but the others 4 werent too bad

He could literally go to New York City and be closer to home than St. Louis, Missouri. He has hundreds of other schools to choose from. Not buying that he isn’t coming to a Texas school, specifically, Houston because of distance. Throwing the opportunity to play for a top 20 team away over 200 miles. We didn’t want him.

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why did we schedule a visit then? and why did we contact him? coaches rarely cancel visits after already scheduled…there isnt much left after Mack and Grimes… i also dont find it a coincidence that the entire staff followed grimes after the mack news… and i agree with you that he didnt throw away houston for 200miles…but likely a bad taste in his mouth about texas…

also he is going to clemson, all of this is formality, in the same interview he said clemson had a huge advantage over everybody from the start, he almost committed to them as freshmen and maintained a relation with their staff since … he is just checking to see if their is anything better by chance

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Easy. Grimes didn’t become available until recently. He was in the portal after Mack. We probably told him we’re prioritizing Grimes, waiver is likely. You’ll be a bench player if we land Grimes. He probably didn’t like that. Boom, visit cancelled.

And if this is all a formality, why would he cancel a visit to UH for a lesser program in Saint Louis? If he is going to Clemson anyways. Makes zero sense unless it was more of UH’s doing.


Most of these guys are looking for certain opportunities and guarantees.
It wasn’t there for Mack.

110% agree with this. We prioritized Grimes over Mack once Grimes became available.

It’s easy, Grimes has the potential to be better than Mack. Mack only averaged 9 pts as a 21 year old junior. Plus, he has a history of misconduct.

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I know Mack has had his drama but he also has a diploma so doesn’t need a waiver to play this season like Grimes does.

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Still… Not enough to move the needle for me. Both of his teams underperformed.

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I think part of the disconnect is semantics. I’m not saying Sasser can’t be as productive as Nate, but I don’t expect him to be.

But yes, we (and the people who voted him unanimous all freshman team for the conference) also seem to have a disconnect on what Hinton did.

In any event, if Sasser averages that stat line I don’t think that will put you in a position to call scoreboard on this. I would expect a little lower, maybe 4ish points, 1 ast, .5 stls, but don’t think your stat line would be inconceivable if we don’t pick up a transfer.

I’m also with Joprior23 on this. It seems more likely we cooled on Mack than vice versa. It would just be really odd to cancel a visit where a starting wing spot for a potential top 20 team and coach with NBA experience are selling points to set up a visit to check out St. Louis.

I think we absolutely cooled on him just saying I don’t think we were as high on him as some of the others so the assurances were not there for Tevin.

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if/ when (crosses fingers) grimes commits , every ranked team that he’ll likely pass over can all say they cooled down on him too…
also st louis has recruited more espn 100 than us in recent years, and landed one of the best grad transfers in the nation last year …not sure why we are downplaying that they can recruit and they only get rejects

i can buy the we werent offering/promising what other schools were like RW said…but it makes zero sense that we lost interest right before his visit, if we had doubts we’d have addressed it during his visit…there is no one touted left…if we dont land grimes…its not who is coming in infront of mills but who is coming in behind him, when we have 2 ships i doubt we are that picky this late…


Read on the Texas Rivals board that Grimes may try and get a waiver and use the Kansas Adidas scandal as the reason.