Potential Grad Transfers and regular transfers

Brother…so much chat about Mack for nothing.

Grimes would be a stud under Sampson


No doubt. Self’s offensive philosophy and developing players is pretty sketchy. Kansas was the #1 team early on the season with Grimes starting and shooting it pretty well. I’ll take him for a year before he bolts to the NBA. 15-16 ppg with 5-6 rbs & 3-4 assts is not out of the realm. 45% fg at least from the field and shooting it 38-39% from 3 pt land sounds good to me.


Yes. The package Grimes would offer doesn’t revolve around one stat. In Sampson’s system he would be Rob Gray one night, Armoni the next.

He would bring that floor leadership we lost with Corey and Galen. And there’s definitely not a gym in this league that would get him rattled.

I just hope we’re not getting ahead of ourselves. Then again, I don’t do twitter. I could see him really putting on for the NBA scouts for one season here.

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Any idea when Grimes is gonna make a decision??

likely really soon, in the next week or 2

the reason he hasnt committed is likely because he is taking other visits but not making it public…he was complaining about 115 degree weather in phoenix the other day on social and arizona fans figured out through that he was visiting them

Not sure if this means much but Joseph Duarte is now following Grimes on Twitter now. JD usually gets the inside scoop on things so we shall see…

Could he also be waiting for the hammer to be dropped on the big name programs for the Fed investigation? This might narrow his choices down or help determine whether his waiver claim has any merit.

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Kansas first 10 games
Grimes 7.3 PPG 38% FG 33% from 3
He never shot the ball well.
Except for a 3 game stretch vs Oklahoma, Iowa State, and Eastern Michigan
Talent is there, but he needs work. Why do you think Kansas is letting him go?

he chose to leave, kansas isnt letting him go…kansas targeted numerous grad transfers and every touted recruit available after he announced he would transfer …like us with armoni that is a sign him transferring was unexpected


Why do you think he started 36/36 games for Kansas as a freshman?

Not many other options.

He wanted to go pro and decided to go back and he wasn’t guaranteed a starting spot. Kansas was his dream school growing up. Yet he wants to leave and maybe sit out a year just to play 1 more year of college basketball. So he went from declaring for the NBA draft to transferring and sitting out a year if his waiver is declined. Doesn’t add up. And Kansas fans I talked to aren’t sad he’s gone. Go on there message board and ask them are you sad Grimes is gone.

he was 100% guaranteed a starting spot…who would start over him??? his backup transferred becuase they thought grimes was coming back (moore) and legard vick is gone…there was a 30min delay between him saying he was coming back and announcing he was transferring, everyone in that window projected him the starter…the grad transfer they just got like a week ago is now a projected starter…and the commit they got 3 days ago is now the projected 6th man. when he left he was a guaranteed starter

also im confused about whats confusing about him leaving kansas to you? it adds up very easily

  • before kansas he was a top 10 recruits, projected 1 and done top 5 draft pcik…team USA mvp on a gold medal team…
  • goes to kansas for 1 year- his stock is completely destroyed, projected undrafted
  • goes to combine, impresses enough that many consider him a late second round

essentially he has looked great everywhere but kansas, and wants to be a lottery pick. why would he go back to the place that would sink his stock some more? and his family has money so the immediate need for money to settle for the second round

also why would i go to a message board of a school after it is confirmed a recruit isnt coming back…if i recall correctly danuel house was trash and so was joe young after they left…hint they did elite things at there next school…hell look at the last week at this very forum , everyone here is pretending we “didnt want” tevin mack after he cancelled his vist to make them feel better

here is bill self around the end of last season if you are still doubting him starting… (further context kansas had has countless elite players under self)


If you say so

Jack: Pesik had links to back up just about everything he said, so it wasn’t really ‘him saying so’. Unless you’re implying he voodoo’d bill self and took over his body and literally did force Self to say those things about Grimes.

Pes i think you’re wasting your time on this guy.

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Lmao. What? He was absolutely going to start. Just not at PG. that’s why he left. C’mon now. Do some research before just stating nonsense.

No doubt. Jack is usually commenting on UT, Big Xii related items so it’s not hard to figure this one out.

Denial and professed loyalty to UH from Jack in 3…2…1

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I don’t have any Quentin Grimes news just wanted to share an edit I had fun making with you guys. Hopefully Grimes is a Cougar! Please feel free to give feedback and possibly suggestions for my next project thanks, :slight_smile:


Grimes is a badass.