Potential Grad Transfers and regular transfers


If he is like LaVar Ball…I pass…

(Jerrycoog) #82

When the 2 brothers transferred to Kansas there were rumors of a six figure payoff to the father. That was my point I don’t want the NCAA sniffing around when we are doing so well.

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #83

You are talking rumors but I am guessing Sampson is more plugged in than anyone on this board to make an educated decision

(Munzell Milluns) #84

He’s a problem.


I’m pretty sure, with 2 spots only open, CKS & staff have about 10-15 guys they’re zeroing in. UH staff are doing their due dilligience; not leave any rock un-turn. This is why I love this staff.


Started by salty Memphis fans…not every rumor has credeance … there’s never been any ncaa issues tied to the Lawson’s

(Patrick) #87

I’d take KJ in a heartbeat. Guy is a scorer, with experience, and had good success against our conference 3 years ago (12+ PPG). Issues with him has always been his defense, so he’d have to buy-in here to get extended playing time, and he’s never shot the 3 well.

(Patrick) #88

Basically looks like Wichita State last year.

Exodus Continues For UCF Hoops


That brings our total to 8 departures from this year’s 2nd round NCAA Tournament team, including 6 of UCF’s top 7 scorers, and leaves just Collin Smith, Ceasar DeJesus, and Frank Bertz as the only returning players who played meaningful minutes for the Knights this past season.


What’s going on at UCF? Did I miss news about Coach Dawkins leaving or something?


no, he is still there…

its more coincidental that a mass leaving

his son dawkins has to declare for the nba and not return because of his age, he will be almost 25 if he stays still his senior year (prep school, redshirt, medical red-shirt)…

then 3 guards decided to transfer- 2 were deep bench…

then they lose quite a few to graduation

there is only 1 truly surprising transfer and that is terrell allen (their main defensive guard)…but he is grad transfer eligible and probably wants to try to get into a bigger program

(Butch) #91

Agreed…if there were any money issues the kids never would have left Memphis…

(Dan) #92

This transfer portal is out of control in both major sports. You better win and treat your players right or they gone. I’m a fan of anything that gives student-athletes more power in the past they had zero.

(PMM) #93

Yeah, it’s not like they are getting a FREE education or anything.


They’re like free agents… And most of the time, they dont have to sit down no more.

(PMM) #95

They have all the power. They don’t have to play.

(Bryant Hargrave) #96

I’m confused are you responding to the idea of the transfer portal giving the kids more power to choose their best interest?

If so then the free education argument is meritless here. They will get another scholarship opportunity at another school, and for them hopefully find themselves in a better situation to play. I’m all for it, if schools can cut a player loose after a year to free up his scholarship, players should be able to cut the school loose just as easily.

The free education argument is typically about additional compensation which is s different argument for a different day.

(Russel ) #97

Exactly! If coaches can leave at will…even some right after signing contracts so should athletes.

(Fred) #98

I always thought the best way to handle this is to make a scholarship a four year contract. It can only be broken is in the event of a coach leaving or fraud like at Mississippi with the football program. Scholarships are non-transferrable. If a player leaves on a one and done, the scholarship is forfeit for the remaining 3 years.

Should a player want to transfer, he is free to do so, but could only get an academic scholarship at the new school or a four year scholarship, should the new school choose to do so. The downside for the school is it could have some years where it is dead space (unusable but still counting.) So, the schools has to decide if it’s worth it.

This would make schools think twice about going the UK (Calipari’s one and done) recruiting model.

Some people like to talk about how the star athletes get little or nothing while at college. I like to look at the kid at the end of the bench, who only gets into games when they’re blowouts, but is still getting a fully paid scholarship. To play in the NBA, figure that on average 1 or 2 kids per conference are going to get drafted by the NBA. Add to that that if you exclude the P5 conferences, the number drops dramatically.


Who is this supposed to benefit?

(Fred) #100

Why does there have to be a winner and a loser?

What you are doing is signing a contract. A four year contract or maybe until he graduates. The school commits to giving an athlete a full ride scholarship with room, board, and tuition fully paid for as long as the coaching staff stays in place. If the coach leaves, there is a breach of contract and the player is free to look elsewhere.

The player agrees to stay for four years. He can transfer or leave should he choose to do so. The school loses the scholarship for the remainder of the time period unless there is a breach (coaching staff leaves.) The player looking to transfer needs to find a school that is willing to assume the potential for a lost scholarship for one or more years unless there is a a breach as a result of coaching changes.