Potential Grad Transfers and regular transfers


Thank God the real world doesn’t work like that and I’m free to change jobs whenever I like.


“Signing a contract” is garbage because the only way the NCAA setup works legally at all is because it is not looked at as employment. If it was then either (a) the NCAA and conferences would need to totally get out of the picture in setting what a player can get and each player would freely negotiate whatever type of contract they want (years, money, transfer restrictions, whatever) or (b) the players would need to be able to unionize and collectively bargain with the member institutions any such terms (maximum money, years, transfer restrictions, whatever). Otherwise it’s illegal under US labor/antitrust law. Going to go ahead and guess you do not like either of those options.

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The one thing I think players should have is life time medical up until/if they go pro in any athletic sport. At least in the sense of being able to opt into the university medical plan after their amateur eligibility has ended. Maybe as supplemental coverage for athletic related medical costs so they don’t have to worry about paying higher premiums to cover preexisting conditions in future medical coverages. The college athletics version of a Veterans Assistance.

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I wouldn’t totally disagree with you, but one condition I would certainly have is that they must complete their education and graduate before given any consideration.

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What you fail to realize is that the athlete is signing a one year contract with the university to play, provided he meets various criteria, e.g., graduates from HS with an acceptable GPA and SAT/ACT score.

The contract has three one year options that may be renewed at the school’s choice. Asking to be released from a LOI is asking to be let out of the contract. Should a school choose not to pick up the option, the player may “leave school to pursue other options.” But they must sit out a year to transfer. The player may choose to opt out of the contract, but in either case, they still have sit out a year, except for extenuating circumstance and then only after approved by the NCAA, or transfer to a lower level of plays, e.g., FCS, Div. II or Div. III.

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Cincy might lose Brooks:

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Started off with UNC Charlotte before transferring to Tulsa. Good 3 pt shooter and rebounder.

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I think we’re the favorite for Jaedon Ledee, the Ohio State transfer. He was a four-star player and one of the top five prospects in Texas in the '18 class. He’s 6’8 or 6’9. The staff may get brain cramps deciding which other transfer they want to pursue. Three or four seem like great fits for us.

However, we could make an impressive haul with '20 area high school players, guys with ratings similar to Tramon Mark. So we may not want to overdo it with the transfers, but then a bird in the hand . . . However it works out, we’ve reestablished ourselves as a premier program, so we’re going to get some seriously talented players.

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I would think that if he was very skilled that he would have played more on a OSU team. I think CKS has many options n not sure he’s worth taking if available. I’ll just trust their judgement n go w that. One thing for sure Coogs basketball is at high level currently with two great back/back winning seasons n knowing Coach will be there for few yrs should be huge positive for incoming recruits.


Yep… Ledee should of had committed to us out of HS. CKS has bunch of options. He’s no longer a SF, he’s now listed as a Center when he was at Ohio St. I’m more interested in adding someone who will be able to play this year.


He’s leaving Ohio State because he does not want to be a Center. He wants to play the wing.

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We should go after someone who is going to help us next and not have to sit out a year. Also, I prefer to go after talented high school seniors, as a general rule.

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Ohio State was playing him as a back up center and they tried to teach him a new position and he wants to play SF or PF. This impacted his playing time.


many coaches believe in a very small rotation regardless of who is on roster… (e.g. will only play the top 7 or 8)…samspon himself was like that earlier in his career

ohio states coach is like that …they had a different freshman score 30 once and he also never cracked the line up…

ledee would be a big time pick up…he recently had duke coaches follow him…if duke had missed out on some guys he would have been the back up…luckily duke didnt miss on anyone.

he didnt have a great “true freshman” season who cares…semi ojeleye couldnt crack the top 11 at duke his 1st 2 years, won AAC player of the year as a junior at smu on 30 win team and was a draft pick

id love ledee for us because to me Sampson is the coach that can fix his flaws (which is that he is a bit soft), armoni was softer than him when he came… give him a year of our “dog fights” and capped rims and have him go at it and see what he looks like at the end of that …
on the other had we wont get anyone 6’9 with his handles and shot and muscles

also note: interesting how far we’ve come that many in here think we are too good to take in a top 65 recruit in the espn 100 with 3 years eligibility, becuase he wasnt lebron as a true freshmen

second note: the coaches arent worried about next years roster, we are literally only targeting 1 player in the 2019 class, and he only came open by chance (decommitt)…if we dont get him our 2019 class is done. improving nexts years roster isnt a priority


Should of thought of that before committing to them. Probably just saw the name in front of the jersey and committed to them, regretting it half way thru.

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Pesik, are you referring to Tyreek Smith? I agree with you on LeDee. He really didn’t see the court much this year but his athletic ability and skill set looks promising for a kid listed at 6’9”. With the right coaching he could be a solid addition

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Leedee on campus this weekend.


i was referring to tyreek

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Still shocked at how much UCF is losing without a coaching change happening.