Potential Grad Transfers and regular transfers

(Patrick) #121

It’s very strange and makes me think that Dawkins was expecting to leave after this season. They aren’t going to be good next year unless Dawkins can coach that team up; he’s definitely got his work cut out.

I’d expect them to land a few grad transfers.

(Ben B) #122

They’ve been decimated between graduation, transfers, and his son leaving for draft. They might be awful next year.

(Patrick) #123

They’ve got Collin Smith returning and some intriguing young post players, but they basically have no guards or wings with any experience. Scoring is going to be hard for them next year.

As of now, they probably won’t finish in the top half of the conference next season.


Welp, here’s one grad transfer for UCF.


Solid pick up! Coach Avery had a ton of talent but didn’t do squat with it.

(Ben B) #126

We need them to get some more. We want the conference to be strong!

(Tom Green) #127

Why welp! We want the Conf to be strong. If you worried about UCF with as much as they have to replace then probably don’t have much confidence in Coogs talent level.


My “welp” wasn’t a term of despair. It was an acknowledgement of how spot on @pray10’s prediction was that UCF would land some grad transfers. In other words, “Welp, that was quick!”

(Tom Green) #129

Gotcha. That’s the good n bad part of transfer so rampant currently in NCAA. Allows teams to rebuild quickly. 18-20 year old just want opportunity to play somewhere sooner than later.

(David) #130


Not even upset!

(Eric) #132

Guess we couldn’t bid high enough.

“They’re all cheaters, his whole f—ing staff,” Dawkins says of Jamie Dixon’s [TCU] program on one of the videos.



Hes a transfer, tho. I dont think he was a good fit with UH. Kid wanted to play at the wing position.


Not a big loss imo


im kinda bummed…he had legit potential to be special. oh well go luck in tcu


Sure. Or he can be the guy he was at Ohio State. A non factor. Couldn’t get any PT on a bad Ohio State team. Didn’t really want to use a scholarship on him. Sampson can do better.


Dis. If Ohio St thought be can become “special” they wouldnt had let him go and played him more early on.

Go get Shead & Aku.


he did have kentucky, arizona, ucla and kansas after him just last year, and was on team USA (16u)…and duke was showing interest in him just 3 weeks ago (before their latest 2 commits)…

interesting note, a different OSU freshmen played once because of injury (Ahrens), he scored 30points in a win over a top 25 team (best shooter on the team)…when the healthy player returned he was removed from the line up again…

OSU’s coach said defense was the sole reason he didnt play ledee, and also believes in smaller rotations (7-8 players a game)…wesson was injured twice last season, ledee had 2 starts and averaged 16pts in those games

ledee was a 6’9 freshmen, built like a Tight end, with the the legitimate guard skills… (he played point guard on 17u aau teams since 8th grade till 10th)…he has flaws but things sampson could easily develop, i can only imagine what he could have been with a coach like sampson developing him for a year …
i really wanted to use a scholarship on him…


You brought up all of these different things. The one thing I can point to. He was an absolute non factor on a bad Ohio State team.


" a bad Ohio State team."…

make a tournament as an atlarge twice in the last 30 years, and start considering atlarge teams that made it to the round of 32 bad…

weve come really far