Potential Grad Transfers and regular transfers

(Randy ) #141

Bad is relative, I guess. Even so, I have a hard time considering a team bad if they make it to the second round in the tourney.


Fine. They’re on par with Temple. Are we clamoring for a guy from Temple that played single digit minutes a game while averaging a whopping three points and two rebounds?


temple was a first foor out, and couldnt get into the actual tourney

why not pick from a actual round of 32 team, that has 4star recruits

here ill help…syracuse was a 11 seed who made it to the round of 32 with 4stars on their roster (similar to ohio state)…would i be clamoring for a 4star top 70 true freshmen big from Syracuse who didnt get minutes as a true freshmen …the answer is yes

(Randy ) #144

Seems closer to UCF. Either way, I’m not clamoring.


Ohio St beat Cincy at Cincy.

They were a top 40 team.

(PMM) #146

IMHO…they should not have been in the tournament as they had a losing conference record !!


Losing conference record, but they were in the toughest college basketball conference. Big 10 proved that all of their tournament teams deserved to be there.

(PMM) #148

It is just another way the the NCAA funnels $$$$ to the P 5 conferences.

3 teams with losing records, OSU, Minn and OK won their first round games thus funneling about $7 plus Million to those conferences !!

Outrageous !

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #149

Calling them bad is pretty ridiculous. He looked good offensively and could have been a good spread 4 and played some wing. I questioned where he would fit in on defense and I think that was the ultimate factor in us going a different direction. We have options so we are going to be telling a few good prospects no.

(Ricardo Montano) #150

So what exactly happened with Ledee? Wasn’t there a report saying he was close to committing to Houston?

(Matt Jackson) #151

If report = internet rumor than yes…UH has so many irons in the fire right now and the 20 class is uber talented. I wouldn’t sweat it. Also TCU’s coaching staff is going to be busy pretty soon I imagine.

(Ricardo Montano) #152

At the moment it didn’t seem like a rumor but I don’t care much for the loss anyway. More room for 2020 class.

(Joseph A Martin Jr) #153

I still love the hire of David Gibbs as our DC as well.

There is a reason that people like Mark Berman have multiple sources confirm before reporting.


It wasn’t a rumor… The guy before in this account has been legit in the past.

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #155

When Ryan “reports” something it is a rumor.

Throwing a dart and hoping it sticks.

(Ryon Adams) #156

GoCoogs.com is a fan website. It hardly constitutes a “report” from a media source or anything close to an official report.

Anything that comes from that site is essentially just a fan rumor, however well-substantiated it may be, and regardless of whether it turns out to be correct (as such rumors from that site likely have been in the past) or not.

(Randy ) #157

I agree that reports from a fan site are best characterized as rumor but it’s unfair to imply he’s just making stuff up.


just a guess by me…probably a divide in the decision making, him or his family wanted UH and the other wanted tcu, or vice versa…which is why they took so long to decide…and the source was from the side that wanted UH…whoever was tcu won

i just saw that kellen followed like 5 big prospects in the last 2 days, we haven’t really targeted many prior till then,which makes me think the staff was expecting ledee till then, meaning they probably thought ledee was coming too

(Tom Green) #159

GoCoogs just throws n sees if it sticks. Sometimes he gets it right and boy when he does he makes sure n lets everyone know about it! :roll_eyes:.
If Duarte or Berman go with a report on hearsay they can lose lot of privileges inside Coogs Athletics. Where Ryan keeps throwing his darts, with nothing to lose. Old school me not a fan and unfollowed him long time ago after seeing the real picture. Just my observation on his work. Not all Koolaid flavors taste very good.

(Munzell Milluns) #160

I wanted Ledee but, frankly, not sure I want to be known as the school that beat out TCU for a recruit right now.

Maybe Ledee was close to com8ng to UH but wanted assurances the TCU coaching staff weren’t headed to prison.

“Very close…” still means it’s not done yet.