Potential OC candidates

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I have no clue as to what Case wants to do after his pro days. If he does want to coach at UH, I assume he could get on as an assistant to work his way up. Then again, he may want to work in the FCA.

I would love to have the storybook scenario where he returns to his alma mater and has a storied career. But whatever he does, I would bet he will be good at it.


I would be all for John Jenkins back as OC. Concern would be, has he learned how to adapt to the modern era defenses? John Jenkins Run & Shoot offenses dominated when teams ran the ball and built defenses around stopping the run rather than the pass. Defenses now are more athletic and could take on the R&S passing concepts. If Jenkins were brought back, he would have to adopt some of the concepts that were originally part of the Run & Shoot, such as the RPO style of blocking.
I think UH could probably consider bringing Art Briles back in as an OC. He didn’t have the issues at UH that he had at Baylor and as an OC, he doesnt have to be the guy responsible for the team’s actions, that’s on Major.


Stitt was rumored to be heading to San Marcos.

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If we can bring back Briles, then we could bring back Jenkins.


We considered bringing back Pardee fee years ago, why not bring Jenkins back?

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Still trying to figure out why would anyone want to hire a 66 yr old OC. The parents of recruits would wonder whether he can last 4 years n I’m not talking moving on to another school. First of all as of 8 p.m. Sunday we still have a employed OC and if new one is needed in coming weeks it won’t be J.J…uhhh. :fearful::scream:


Age do not matter… Shoot if he is 100 and calls the winning plays…hire him! Jenkins is not in a wheel chair…but even that won’t limit someone from doing their job…See the governor. 66 is still young enough to coach…ask Nick Sabin who is no young buck.

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Is that why he’s with some top program or any program in NCAA currently. Not going to happen…ever.

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He was outstanding 18-15 at UH. #winningplays

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I’m talking about someone who hasn’t coached in College football in over 20 years. Why go that route. Can do way better than some has been imo. Don’t need retreads. Coach Saban has been actively coaching last 30+ yrs so not sure how you put him in same sentence.

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Is Pardee not available?

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Head coach at Lake Travis




Dead Man can’t coach…

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So if Jenkins n Saban are same or close to same age they are equal in their coaching abilities? :roll_eyes:
I give up. :smirk:


Tom, when did I say they were equals…??? You said that. I said age. What is wrong with a guy coaching at 66 is what I was responding to. 66 isn’t too old to coach, or past the time…I give up if you think 66 means Someone is too old to coach and I guess Saban should call it quits if what you say is true.

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Hey man, don’t sell short the people advocating for hiring our head coach from the early 90s who hasn’t coached in the sport since.


To be fair, he is been coaching off and on since then, just not in college football. It’s an interesting thought, but that’s about it.

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How old was Paterno? 85 I think.