Potential Opponent Watch 2019: ECU

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The biggest thing is to develop our personal habits. As crazy as it seems, we’re focused on things like being on time. Being on time means 10 minutes early. We’re focused on things about how we’re dressed, how we train, how we work, how we compete in drills, how we conduct ourselves in our personal lives, how we represent each other around campus. We’re grooming habits that are indicative of what a championship program is going to have in it.

I’m a firm believer that you’ve got to have great habits in your personal life if you’re going to have great habits on the field. We’ll continue to develop those things. I’m seeing us grow. Those mat drills, you see the way you compete, the way you start off, I’m seeing us improve. I’m seeing us finish better, seeing us changing our bodies. Over the next month, I want to see that continue.


I agree with this point, but cripes, if you don’t have that you don’t have much.

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But ECU notched only one victory, over Connecticut, as Ahlers ran for his life behind an injury-plagued offensive line, dropped passes and a minus-11 turnover ratio.

Offensive coordinator Donnie Kirkpatrick runs a similar spread offense, but he wants a reliable run game. The experience of Ahlers and redshirt junior Reid Herring, the Millbrook High alum who started the first half of the season, helps.

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“We respect the decision of the NCAA, but at the same time we are disappointed,” Houston told reporters Saturday after ECU’s practice. “We’ve had some long discussions this morning about how we’re going to support Nate in this transition from right now becoming a student-athlete at East Carolina University to pursuing a professional career. We will alert the NFL this afternoon that he will be eligible for the draft.”


The NCAA sure showed UNC.

Jerry Tarkanian: “The NCAA was so mad at Kentucky they gave Cleveland State two more years of probation.”