Potential to play GoergiaTech this season


ga techs beat writer announced Todd Stansbury (their AD) is potentially looking to possibly Playing a 12th game december 2nd
(ucf cancelled on them from the hurricance)

ga tech has already played an fcs (and their fans dont want that)

the only fbs available are ark state, Houston, and utsa…

this would be a dream situation…and gives us a realistic chance at finishing ranked this season
we can play at ga tech, and do a return game here in 2020…they can do an away that year, and we need a p5 home game that year too

honestly id even be okay with a one and done becuase of the unique circumstances…

PLEASE YES!!! if anyone is close to hunter should totally encourage this

(Chris) #2

Any chance to play a P5 is a major plus for us. I am all for it. Is it realistic? Thank you for posting.


their AD just said they had an eye out for a 12th game…thats all he said
ga techs beat writer says he thinks there is only a 15% chance of happening with anyone

but i think the low 15% might be ga tech finding a willing partner…if UH contacted them with real interest there is a very real possibility…itll just be about finding term that works for boths


As much as I would like to see it happen, there is no upside for Ga Tech to play us.

My guess is that they would opt for a safe win…Arky State or UTSA.


hype going forward…ga tech is likely a 6-5 team …ging 7-5 vs a potential 8-3 team takes them a long way…houston out of the 3 has the best brand for short term ticket sales too.

they just upset top 20 va tech… i doubt they are too scared of houston to play…they return everyone and building hype for next year will play into it …the same reason we’d want to play them…winner gets a big momentum push into next year


GT has Duke and UGA left and are 5-4. They should be able to beat Duke and be bowl eligible plus we are a nationally recognized name and would be a good game for them win or lose.


A third Wishbone team in a tow, albeit one with a lot more speed than the other two.

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It would be great timing for UH.

Our defense facing GTs offense after playing Navy on 11/24.

Navy still mostly uses former HC Paul Johnson’s blueprint for the flexbone triple.

(Robert) #9

IF, IF UH contacts Georgia Tech and tries to at least attempt to get a game this year with them, regardless of a second game, would be good for the following reasons.

UH players would be rewarded with a quality P5, recognized name brand team so that they could start a P5 win streak.

This would serve as a bowl game since ESPN has created a bowl season that means P5 Bowls Only and G5 Bowl games that happen before the P5 bowl season. The AAC has only a couple bowls that have them playing a P5 Georgia Tech type opponent.

USF or UCF will be in the Access Bowl and Memphis will be ahead of UH for a bowl games against any other P5. UH will be playing against Northwest Coastal Atlantic Florida type opponent in a Whatever Bowl.

Really does not sound like something that would happen to UH but UH did play Oklahoma last year so at least the AD can try. Right?

(J V ) #10

So UH plays a road game with nothing in return? Heck, if that’s the case play UTSA so we can make the short road trip.

(Robert) #11

Would be great to play UTSA. BUT, UTSA cannot play in the Alamodome because it is already booked for some kind of event on that weekend.

So, I would love to see “the players” get rewarded with a game against GT.
The last time UH played a P5 the O was terrible because our “HC in training” was still trying to make a drop back QB into a read option QB.

TTech fans can boast we do not belong in the BIG12 because of how they ended our home and P5 winning streaks with their bad team and coaching. They were right, but now UH has the perfect QB for the O. Would be great to start a new P5 win streak.

But hey, I will believe a game against GT when it happens.


Southwest has a flight to ATL for $40.00 on Friday and a flight home from ATL for $105.00. total cost round trip is $145.00

(Dustin K) #13

It would be perfect if GT could come play here next year. That doesn’t seem to be the case though. My question though, if they do this, will they get any good tv $ out of it?


we have supposedly already scheduled tsu next year…but 2020 could work for both…and no tv money, it would be a ACC controlled tv games since gt would be a home game but it would have a HUGE chance for ESPN with so little games being played that week

(Robert) #15

The TV would be the big question.

Think about this. Does ESPN, FOX, and others want a game outside of the conference playoffs to be on TV during this big weekend?

If it was played on Dec. 9th this would be a major day for the American Conference. You would have a Saturday that showcased AAC Football.
Navy vs Army and UH vs Georgia Tech.

Sounds to good, Yeah.

(Tom) #16

Make it happen, it’s about building competitive game experience against a quality opponent on the road and establishing a culture heading into 2018.


Three straight games against constant cut blocks may not be attractive to everyone.

(Dustin K) #18

It isn’t on the schedule or official yet, I think we still have an out.

(Patrick) #19

Hell, let’s do it. We’ll already be in defending the triple option mode after playing Tulane and Navy.

(Nathan) #20

I don’t like playing triple option teams due to all the cut blocks. Too much risk of injury. I’d pass.