Power 5? American Athletic Conference using helmet decals to argue it’s in Power 6

Bassity said that the Coogs will be wearing the stickers next week

Adjusting for opponent, the American has three teams in the S&P+ top 50 as of Oct. 29. Tulsa sits at No. 57, ranked ahead of Arkansas and Mississippi State. Seven American teams rank ahead of Georgia.

I don’t put much stock on pasted on labels … but it is a nice way to protest …

OF ALL the things Aresco said the only one that mattered is that

the BXII looked at the AAC to restock their numbers FIRST not the MW or CUSA or MAC …

That speaks more than the P6 labels.


I hope that isn’t the extent of the marketing plan.


You can believe Aresco is working behind the scenes on a new media contract. He just does things in a business-like manner… Unlike the rumor mill that is the Big12-2. One thing is clear, he’s reminding people that the AAC sprang from the Big East and still carries much of that cachet.

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