Power 5 counting on Silicon Valley to keep them rich

Pretty in depth look at the nervousness about the next set of distribution deals.

The reality is more complicated and less certain. Like newspapers before them, ESPN and Fox will grapple with disruption to their business model and ultimately may have to remake themselves if they want to continue to thrive in the new media landscape. But reflexively forecasting doom assumes television networks are the only entities that will bid on sports rights in the future*. That is almost certainly not going to be the case. “I really see a time when there are going to be a lot of players in the marketplace and there are going to be a lot of distribution methods,” Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby said. “The unknown is how much is it all worth? I don’t think there’s anyone who legitimately knows what it’s going to be worth.”

The main issue that keeps getting lost in this P5 vs G5 is what is the real meaning of Div I college football?Until fairly recently an unbeaten BYU was declared National Champ or co-National champ. As we all know the reality today is that a non P5 wont or will not be able to win a National Div I championship. Let’s be real and not beat around the bush here the CFP will never include a non P5 to a four division playoff and probably not to an eight Teams playoffs. You do not agree? Then why were the P5’s created in the first place? Personally I feel that the CFP is playing with fire. Pissing off your fan core and excuse me for the wording will have consequences at some time or another. A product always experiences a bell curve. The CFP will too.

The Group of 5 conferences could be come NCAA division 1 national champions if they go down to the FCS. The “National Title” that is played for is not an NCAA division 1 sponsored title. It’s the CFP National championship that’s an exclusive game for members only.

Agree, but to be called National Champion that is the real debate/issue here. You are right it is not but it is perceived as such. The other main issue is the financial side to the CFP. As the given rate G5 Schools won’t be able to sustain their own program. You could add that many CFP Schools are also in the red. At least they will get multi $M’s from the P5 affiliation.

They’ll get their money now but it’ll all fall apart soon. I expect TV networks to negotiate something out with schools. Something along the lines of purchasing the TV rights to certain games. Rutgers making money only because they’re in the Big Ten is a joke. Eventually the teams that get most of their games purchased will put pressure on bottom dwelling programs to step it up or go. UH just needs to keep building it’s brand.

Good points. Another angle here is about U of H to a P5 but how can this be achieved without upsetting other P5 members? Isn’t this the real question? I keep going back to thinking that there is a tacit agreement between P5 members. Our own turf is where uta, atm, OU and others recruit. That is the common denominator behind our exclusion since 1996.

I really don’t believe there’s an implied agreement amongst Power 5 members about not poaching recruits from a certain part of the country. At the end of the day it’s all about winning and teams will recruit where the best players are at. Ohio State, Bama, Florida State, Southern Cal, and other Power 5 programs recruit Houston for players and aren’t going to stop doing that because it’ll hurt OU and UT’s feelings. This past recruiting class UT had a 4 star LB in Austin choose to go to Southern Cal rather than play for the Longhorns.
The reason UH was excluded in the Big 8 and SWC merger was because of sanctions on the program and the program itself wasn’t doing so well towards the end of the SWC. Honestly I do believe that at the time of the formation of the Big 12 UH’s exclusion may have also been because of recruiting. Recruiting in 1996 is nothing like it is now. It’s easier to find talent now with the Internet and all the camps but back in 1996 with talent being known in Houston and with a Major D1 school in town it would have made it difficult for schools to recruit.

What I have noticed the most, is the hypocrisy within the G5 fans. Most of the fans want all schools to have a shot at the national title, at least until their school gets into a P5. The G5 eat their own. The best G5 schools rarely play each other unless they are in the same conference because they don’t believe the risk is worth the reward then turn around and make crappy 2 for 1 deals or home and neutral site deals mid tier P5 teams.

It’s crazy to say G5 schools don’t have a chance to win a NC anyway. We were ranked 6th in the AP poll going into the Navy game. Our wins over Louisville and Oklahoma would have ensured that a 1 loss Washington team was not ranked ahead of us. When we can put back to back 12-1 seasons with back to back conference championships, there will be invites and then our fans will be given their opportunity to turn their noses up to the G5 like most of them try to do already.

Can agree that it is crazy for G5 fan bases to say that G5 schools aren’t given a shot to compete for a National championship especially when no G5 school has gone undefeated during the CFP era with a solid schedule. But at the same time there is a clear bias by the CFP. The CFP is in love with the Big Ten, a conference that I personally feel is overrated, and that could be an issue come playoff selection time. There are teams that have proven to be consistent winners and then there are teams whose names carry enough weight to give them a huge push past solid G5 teams. Michigan, Notre Dame and Texas are those teams whose names carry weight and that will be an issue. Remember last season when UT beat ND and suddenly people were saying UT is back? Michigan is slowly becoming a consistent winner but hasn’t won anything yet and people are ready to name them champions because of their name.

More pressure on ESPN – Cable nets putting together $10/month no-sports bundle…

It’s funny how the Disney CEO says there is no market for non-sports bundles yet makes sure his contracts with cable providers stipulates they can’t do non-sports bundles. It’s basically how the powerful stay powerful. They make demands to ensure they can’t be undersold.

The AP poll does not matter one iota. The CFP decides what THEY/P5 wants when playoff times comes. It is your choice to believe that a G5 has a choice at a NC. The media narrative has been consistent on one thing. They do not give any respect for a non P5 Team when the end of the season is fast approaching. Consistently you hear/watch the so called experts tell the tv viewers that they/the G5 are not worthy of a CFP invite due to their conference.
For the 100th times the G5 new years bowl invite was created for that very exact point. To give some “crumbs” and somewhat satisfy G5 members. Remember the same G5 Ad’s signed on it. I will agree with you and change my mind with the following. The CFP comes out and expand the CFP to eight Teams and stipulates that at least one G5 Team if undefeated or with one loss (adding a strong schedule) is part of the CFP. Until this happens you are dreaming. I wont call you crazy that is not nice.

The AP poll has traditionally ranked G5/non-AQs worse than the CFP/BCS rankings. The AP is the media that you are complaining about. So UH being ranked 6th by the media, probably means the CFP would have had UH ranked similarly.

Your tinfoil hat is backwards.

Tinfoil hat? Easy Jimmy.
Again, believe what you want to believe. G5 are out of the “ATM machine” that is what the P5 want. Do you think it is a coincidence that G5 Teams make a tenth of what P5 Teams when Bolw games come? It is all about the money. That is why it is imperative that we get into a P5, any P5. It is sad indeed but that is what the P5’s have created and yes excluding us from the small12 was no coincidence. This had nothing to do with probation. It has everything to do with what we could become if given the proper chance.

Your rant has nothing to do with the argument that the AP ranks G5 teams lower than other polls yet we were 6th which means the CFP would have probably ranked us the same if not better. Maybe your tinfoil hat isn’t on backwards, it might be your head that is backwards.

Your rant, tinfoil hats. What’s the matter Jimmy? This site is supposed to be cordial unlike the other one. We can disagree and that is fine with me. Don’t start using big words because you do not agree.
Until proven otherwise I am UNFORTUNATELY right. I WISH and I do mean WISH that your were right. Are we good with that? Now back to the subject. P5’s will keep getting richer at our expense. That is the way they/P5’s want it.

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