Power 5/ Football vs Power 7/ Basketball

It is common knowledge that there is a Power 5 in football and that the American Athletic Conference is not a Power Conference and will never “deserve” a spot in their exclusive playoff.

In basketball, the American Athletic Conference, IS viewed as 1 of the top 7 Basketball conferences, along with the the Big East plus the other 5, and its proven that you do NOT have to be from of one of those 5 conferences to win the National Chsmpionship. Plenty of examples, including UCONN while in the AAC.

I want to keep an eye on this because it’s looking like we will/could finish the season with MORE top 25 football teams than basketball, yet in a sport where we are told we are NOT a power conference.

The AAC needs to keep posting impressive results…it proves we are a Power Conference in both!


The whole narrative is weird: P5 for football is about access to certain bowls, in basketball I have heard tv guys say “P7” but it has no real meaning. It’s like they’re coached by ESPN or someone to say this to increase viewership. It is definitely a newer term, and only started being bandied about since AAC/Big East split.

Also, its really just code for ‘multi-bid league’.

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Follow the $$$$…

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I quit reading after first sentence. We shouldn’t be spreading negative falsehoods about ourselves. American was the 5th best conference last year according to the composite rankings.

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The fact that ut is even considered being a bubble team at 14-9 (4-6) in conference, with only one good win (Purdue), tells me that the power 5 is alive and well in all sports.


Another great point from a different thread…



surely they judge teams differently… Last week’s rankings, UH almost dropped out of the rankings entirely when they lost @ Cincy by 2. This week Iowa loses @ Purdue (14-10 record) by almost 40 points ! and they only drop down 4 spots to 21st.

You must have media training. :grin::grin: We dropped 4 spots after the Cinci loss, but you made it sound so much worse than Iowa’s 4 spot drop. Don’t get all upset. I get what you’re saying and agree. The way you said it just made me smile.

Edit. My bad. Credit for media training goes to CoogsRoadDawgDavid. Completely overlooked it until I saw his post on the BBall board. Still made me smile.

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Ha! Right to a degree about media training. Always try to credit the original source for better or worse.

The better argument here is that San Diego state being undefeated has gotten them near the top of the rankings in the ap and the top team in some rankings/metrics.

Football is rigged, basketball isn’t. Your conference shouldn’t matter, no team gets to pick it’s schedule.

Every team should start out equal if they’re in the same league and you should have a path to a title for every team based on their wins every year. College basketball guarantees you can go from zero wins one year and the very next year win it all.

College football almost requires you to come in to the season ranked high and work your way up to the top 4, or have several teams on your schedule that start the season out ranked.

It’s a rigged system meant to keep the blue bloods at the top, such as ranking Texas in the top 10 year after year to start the season meanwhile Baylor and tcu have to win their way up there and even then they have such a small window to get in.

Houston’s window is even smaller if it even exists - it likely doesn’t and a perfect season would result in being left out of the playoffs more time than getting in


We could have been the first G5 to make the playoffs had we completed running the table in 2016. Everything was in place but our coach

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With all due respect, I do not think that UH would have made the playoffs. If UH had gone undefeated, we would have entered into the “playoff discussions” in which the P5 biased selection committee would have decided that our conference competition did not justify our inclusion and we didn’t deserve to get the money. Remember it’s all about the power, control and $$$.

[NOTE: The FB Playoff Selection Committee = the Democrat Party’s Super Delegates.]

Watch Bernie Sanders become the top vote earner and clearly the most popular Democrat Presidential candidate only to get taken out by the Democrat’s Super Delegates at this year’s National Democrat Convention. Again, it’s all about the power, control and $$$.


If we had gone undefeated and OU had a single loss to us, OU would have gotten in.

This is probably not true for Louisville, but only because we played them late in the season.

I doubt this seriously…we beat OU convincingly…and we beat Louisville pretty handily…there is no way the committee could have overlooked, especially after the year we had …I guess we will agree to disagree on this one…

In 2016 it would have been us vs. Washington for the fourth spot. My gut says Washington would have gotten it but there would have been lots of uproar about it and I think there’s a chance we’d have been there. Definitely would have been a major national conversation.