Powers Picks

(shharper01) #1

Houston 30 TEMPLE 17. Last week 5 TO’s killed the Cougars in a 27-24 home upset loss to Texas Tech that ended their 16-game home winning streak. Their QB Allen was benched (6 TO’s in 3 games). Meanwhile, Temple is 0-4 ATS this year after getting crushed by USF last Thursday. They were outgained 408-85 as their QB’s combined to go 8 of 26 with 4 interceptions. We’re passing.

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My 2 cents worth: Temple’s D forced USF to kick 5 field goals so they still have some grit. I think their D got gassed in that game just like ours did. I wouldn’t put this into the beat-the-spread column yet until we see who starts at QB. If our D gives up 17 to Temple, we are really in for a long season as their offense looked really bad vs USF. So I think, with KA at QB, something like 16 to 3. I think with one of our dual QBs, we score 30 or more, so 30-3.

(David) #3

The key is for the offense to protect the ball so Temple cannot get short fields. I will not be surprised to see a game plan to keep the ball on the ground more in this game (USF had over 300 yards rushing), protect the football, keep the pressure off Allen (or whoever is QBing) and let the defense help you win the field position battle. I am thinking 24-10 with 10 UH points coming off turnovers creating a short field for the offense.

(Ricky ) #4

Speaking of the running game, I saw Texas Tech a few times go under center and run the ball. Since we dont have the best run blocking o-line wouldn’t it make sense to run the ball from under a little bit since it gives the running back some room to get downhill instead of getting a handoff right next to the qb? Just a thought


Yes, many agree with you and have said the same. Especially when you have a 6’3" QB who should be able to pick up a 1st down with a sneak in less than a yard situations.

(Jimmy Morris) #6

The only way Temple scores 17 points on our defense is if our offense sets them up with 10 of those points.


I have to agree with Shaggy on this one. There’s just no way Temple scores 17 on our defense unless we have 35 at the half and our 3rd teamers play the 4th quarter and give up a couple of garbage time TDs. Even then I’m not sure Temple has the offensive fire power to put it in the end zone twice. USF isn’t exactly known for their defensive prowess and they were able to hold Temple’s offense to 85 total yards. That’s ridiculously bad offense.

I do agree we will try to run the ball a lot this game. With that being the case, I really hope we see significant snaps for King with the 1s. I want to see what this kid can do in our RPO scheme. We’ve seen what Allen and Postma can do. Now let’s get a look at King.

(PMM) #8

So basically, he goes with the betting line !!

(Tom) #9

Not sure UH can beat temple at this point. Temple easily covers the spread at home.

(Jimmy Morris) #10

I only make bets on games if I am doing it for fun like my team versus a friends team. Like I said before the Rice game, the line doesn’t decide who wins or even the chances a team wins, it just shows how people are betting on the game. It’s just a reference point and a good place to start when you are looking for trends.


How? Defensive scores? Allen would have to start and play worse than last time. I hope that is not possible.

(Patrick) #12

I think this game ends up being more like the Rice game then the others. Temple may have the worst offense in FBS. If our OL can play a decent game, this should be a blowout.


Our offense has been bad enough this year that it’s difficult to predict a score. But I will predict that Big Ed buries either a RB or QB in their own end zone for a safety this week.

On that note (for all you stats geniuses), does a sack also count as a TFL? Or are TFLs reserved only for non-QB tackles?


Powers picked Arizona to beat us by 1, and Houston to beat Tech by 3.

Close, but wrong and wrong.

Let’s hope he’s right this week.