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(shharper01) #1

HOUSTON 38 Smu 30. Houston looking to atone for loss at SMU last year as they fell 38-16 as a 22 point favorite. Cougars playing QB roulette with pocket passer Kyle Allen making 3 starts (77%, 4-4 ratio) and mobile Kyle Postma starting one. Neither QB has proven successful on the scoreboard as 24 points vs Texas Tech and 20 points at Temple is not what the Cougar fans are accustomed to. SMU’s high flying offense is the only FBS team to top 36 points in every game. However, SMU is off a very misleading 21-point win vs UConn last week (see page 1) and while the Ponies are 5-0 ATS this year, you’re paying a premium. Pass on side, lean on OVER.

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My Arizona grad colleague is taking SMU straight up. Isn’t a big fan of our offense and thinks Morris is going all out for this game to win Texas (after the TCU loss).

(David) #2

I would love to see this offense put up 38+ points again. And I am not so sure on the over for this one but I am terrible at picking these things. I see another 20-something to 20-something game like Texas Tech but hopefully in UH’s favor.

(shharper01) #3

I agree that it’s hard to imagine us scoring 38 against a solid team. On the flip side, SMU has been scoring 36 or more in every game, including against TCU’s vaunted defense. They may try a running QB to stay on the edges.


THIRTY-EIGHT?! Are you kidding me?! There’s no way. If we win this game (far from a guarantee) it’ll be something like 24-20. SMU’s defense is bad, but are they really that bad?

If I were betting on this game, I’d definitely take SMU + 6.5 and the under.


I would be elated if we scored 38. If we score 38, we’ll win this game by 14+. SMUs offense is probably good, but it’s hard to tell how good since TCU is the only real team they have played so far. If Big Ed is back this week, we’ll hold SMU to under 30. LIke most everyone else on here, I think both teams probably score in the 20s this week. My prediction is 27-24 Coogs.

(Patrick) #6

SMU (4-1) at Houston (3-1): This one weekend, I got really into Bruins legend Phil Esposito. This was a while back. Probably before Home Alone came out. I watched a documentary called Slap! Hockey, which I’ve never been able to find as an adult and which I had on video as a little boy. It had a whole big section on how great Phil Esposito was at being really big and standing in front of the net and redirecting pucks past goalies for the B’s.

Apparently, I found the video quite inspiring. I took a black crayon and started writing “Phil E.” on everything I could in the house. On the wall, on the Crayola box, on paper plates, on myself, on every piece of paper in an unused composition book.

It was not well received in the Trutor household.

Final Score: Houston 38 SMU 31

(Paul Marlow) #7

Just win baby!