Practice field

Does anyone know why we took up the field turf practice field that was put in for the Super Bowl? Dana was not happy about not having it for spring ball.

Didn’t they take that out last year or something like that? I would think that there was no longer any need for it once they built the indoor facility, right? Was he quoted saying that in an article recently?

Yea !After practice today.I am sure they had a good reason. Think he was more upset with the timing.

Field turf in indoor facility and grass outside. Can also practice in stadium if need field turf and want to be outside.

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Hard to understand why he would be unhappy about this. It has been this way since before he was hired.

Someone must have bad info…

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i just saw the practice interview lol

houston: spends millions on an indoor facility “this is a game changer for us”

hires new coach

new coach: im not a big fan of indoor facilities


Well, it’s been a while since he coached here in the summer and fall. I think he’ll come around. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think he was just frustrated that they could not use both fields at the same time

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I think I read that the outdoor practice turf was replaced with grass because the turf was just too hot. Me, I’m a fan of practicing on what you play on. Navy has grass but other than them, who else in the conference has grass?

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Temple, Uconn, USF, UCF, ECU

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They practice on the stadium field all the time, I don’t think it was too hot,. I just think they wanted two grass and 2 turf fields

If it wasn’t too hot for the summer drills, then it seems they would have just left the turf field that the NFL had put in rather than restore it back to a natural grass field.

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Applewhite was using the indoor facility for half of his practices and Dana probably agrees with me that it doesn’t prepare the team to play 4 hours in the heat at game time. IPF should be saved for thunderstorms and dangerous heat conditions.

Not sure why the team can’t use TDECU field in the offseason though.


The indoor facility is mainly for bad weather days.
They can use the stadium but to run quality practices it helps to have two connecting fields.
There is more space inside to run a full practice than using a solo field.


hmmm ok So the complaint isn’t as much about not having an outdoor turf field to practice on but not having two fields next to each other of mixed variety for more room?

DH did indicate he doesn’t understand why they tore up the turf that the Pats gave us but the reason for change to the indoor is space.

I am sure it was simply because someone said we have 3 turf fields to 1 grass and made the change. However it was a very nice turf field and not sure I would have torn it up

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First game of the year in Norman is on grass.

For training purposes, it’s best to go on grass from a body and joint perspective. Infill turf fields are 10x better than the old astro turf fields but day in day out, nothing beats a natural field (provided it is flat as possible and you can maintain it to the caliber our current field is kept). And yes, heat is a factor as well.