Prayers for Coach Whitting's Wife

(Patrick) #1

She just posted on twitter that she’s going in for surgery at the end of March due to breast cancer. Prayers to her, Coach Whitting, and their children. Hopefully, everything turns out OK.

(Butch) #2

So sorry to hear this and our prayers will certainly be including her…


Prayers coming her way.

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Tara is scheduled for surgery today - please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

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I just hope she and Coach know that CoogNation is with them through this.


After seeing cancer up close and it’s effects on my step dad, I wouldn’t wish cancer on my worst enemy. My prayers to Coach and family.

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Today marks 11 days post bilateral (double) mastectomy surgery and this has been a week of recovery and a week with some answers and new findings. Monday I reported to Oncology with the amazing Dr. Garth Beinart and found out FANTASTIC news. My lymph nodes are clear…and but for one very small area (which will be removed with the first reconstructive surgery)…I am breast cancer free!!! YES!

(Butch) #13

Continued prayers to the family…this really puts this season in proper perspective…that there are more important things than sports…

(Patrick) #14

Good Morning…About to head to Texas Women’s Hospital for my hysterectomy. I’ve learned that this entire process is an exercise in patience. “It’s a marathon not a sprint” has a whole new meaning to me. Well…that…and I suppose I have to find some humor in all of this otherwise it would be way too serious and I would cry…well, more. More to come…next we speak…I’ll be minus some organs. Have to take off…otherwise, I will be late. Love, Tara

(Craig Wiggins) #15

Anybody have an update on how she’s doing. I’m assuming everything went well since nothing has been posted. Still saying prayers. Keep the attitude. It will help in getting you to that light at the end of the tunnel. God Bless

(Patrick) #16

So, here we are. Its been quite the journey so far. How are things??? Well…I have to actually admit that the more things become in the rear-view-mirror…the better things seem to be for me. Does that make sense? At the moment I am super sore. Why…4 outer incisions from the laparoscopic hysterectomy…and one “a bit-larger” inside one

(Butch) #17

Thanks for posting…she has gone through so much and our prayers continue for her and Todd…I know it has been super tough for Todd to coach this year and I tip my Cougar cap for the courage of both of them…

(Patrick) #18

You see breast cancer has not only been a personal battle, it has been quite the series of lessons. What I hope for now…is that anyone out there can learn from anything I have shared. And, I have to also keep advocating and begging…please, please, please…if you haven’t been, haven’t scheduled…or are afraid to go have a mammogram…pretty please go get it done. We are now up to 36 women that I/we have helped make that happen…(that I know of or have shared with me). #BreastCancerAwareness #SaveTheTatas #SaveSecondBase

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