Pre-Game Thread: Armed forces bowl vs. ARMY (Dec 22nd @ 2:30pm, Ft Worth, TX - on ESPN)


The only time I go to Joe T’s is when people from out of town really want to go there. Esperanza’s is a better choice, it’s run by the same people but not watered down for tourists. Other options are Cantina Laredo and even though it is a chain in DFW, Meso Maya is good if you are looking for real Mexican food in a nice setting.

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If we can King at QB, I would be pretty confident we could outscore the Black Knights. Any guesses who we’ll have under center? Dormady? I understand not wanting to burn Tune’s redshirt (although I’d rather see him redshirt next season and play on the 22nd). I am hoping it’ll be Bryson Smith. He has three weeks of practice to get ready.


A game we will likely lose. We play down or up to the competition in recent bowl games. I don’t see a lot of excitement for playing triple option Army anywhere so expect playing down. They get the ball, they keep the ball. Score. Repeat.

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Hey Northern. Has Apple contacted you about giving the pre-game locker room talk to the team before the game?

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I’m assuming Bryson will get snaps if he’s healthy. CMA hasn’t really tipped his hand on what he wants to do yet as far as the QB position though. Guessing more will come out once they start practicing (which should start today).


Army has way more athletes on offense than Navy. This Navy team was one the least athletic teams they’ve had in years. I’m not worried about their speed. I’m worried about their power and our youth. I still think we win a 28-24 type game. They are going to move the ball and hopefully when they score they don’t chew up too much clock. I’m going to sound crazy but It might be beneficial to allow them to score early and push for stops late. Meaning we will be less worn down in the 4th and better suited to make the stops when it counts.


We better develop a run defense by game time or it’s going to be another long, embarrassing afternoon for UH.

If we lose, I predict another meltdown.


Maybe Navy will bruise a few of their dl.

If I was a young DC i would watch to see how Navy defenses them.


Lol If we’re talking bounty gate, I’m more inclined to vote that Army bruises Navy’s Line.


Interesting game:


Wouldn’t surprise me if we torch Army with tons of offense and bury them.

Of course, it also wouldn’t surprise me if they curb stomp our D, frustrate our O by keeping them off the field, and walk away with a huge win.

How do you root against Army?


Veterans get 4 complimentary GA tickets. I picked up 4 + 2 more GA for a total of $75.

I only chose my branch - Army and did not enter a military ID.

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Wow! What a deal!

I’m surprised that they don’t require either a military ID, DOD ID#, or DD-214 though.


Hahaha, that would be funny to walk up with a printed DD-214

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I carry two wallets. One has a folded up copy of my DD-214. The other has my VA Card and my military retiree ID card.

Having those three items handy at all times has proven to be very useful!

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Yep, I picked up four. I’d go through UH, but money’s a bit tight these days and $10 for 4 tickets was too good to pass up.

As far as rooting against Army, I’m Air Force so it’s not too difficult, but when we played Air Force, I had no problem rooting for UH. I was enlisted though so seeing the future officers get knocked down wasn’t so bad in '08. Of course, they kicked the crap out of us in '09…


I detect sarcasm here good sir. But for the record, not yet.


seriously laughed out loud at my office at this one…

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I remember the 09 game it was brutal. Case threw 5 picks and I think he tried to play his butt off but the rest of the team just looked like it didnt want to be there.