Pre-Game Thread: Armed forces bowl vs. ARMY (Dec 22nd @ 2:30pm, Ft Worth, TX - on ESPN)

(Dan) #81

Perry from Navy lights it up in the 1st half and then can’t play the 2nd half all the time. He’s got great speed and instincts but Navy uses him too much when they are overmatched everywhere else.

(Ryon Adams) #82

I can definitely root against Army with a clear conscience.

I had to work with, for, or over too many of that school’s graduates over the course of two decades plus as an Army Officer to like that school.

That said, I hope that they beat the Hell out of those dirty bastards from Navy.


Army will have their starting / passing qb back for the bowl, right?


I think it would be nice if they recognized Bill Yeoman at half time considering his history with both football programs.

(Ryon Adams) #85

That would be a nice gesture!


OU hadn’t played a wishbone in years and Mike Stoop didn’t do his homework on how to stop it. We have played against Navy for 4 years and have gotten better at stopping them every year. Be yes we better be ready. What we don’t need are two safeties 10 yards back of the line.


Easy I can root for them against Navy and for the Coogs when we play the black knights.


That is a good idea!

(Al) #89

Ditto on the DD-214, Law. Have found it comes in handy when one wouldn’t expect. However for this game, family will be wearing red, with field artillery insignia on UH apparel, sitting in UH section. Best friend will be wearing his West Point gray/black, and hopefully be sitting next to us.
Will be looking for a Navy designated driver. Maybe not!

Go Army - Beat Navy.
Go Coogs - Beat Army!

(Cary) #90

Mine is on my phone.

(Trent) #91

I’ll just be getting to Houston on Friday evening so I won’t be turning right around to go to FW, but I could help out with some veteran tickets, especially if someone knows some students who want to go.


Oh, by the way, I find it very easy to root against Army. Go Coogs. Beat Army.


The expected meltdown on Coogfans would be a given.


I just ordered 4 tickets for $10, but I will order at least two from the UH ticket office, and if I don’t have any takers in the family, I will try to give them away.

(John m Bevil) #95

Army took OU to OT. They can give teams fits.


I don’t think this victory is a given.

(Ben) #97

U traveling by boat / ship ? ? ? ? ?


Have your boat driver drop you off at the University street bridge.


For those traveling up by boat.


Something I hope our coaches are looking out for:

I used Miami Ohio because they are very similar to us upfront, size-wise at least.

Army football will dive at the feet of our D-Line to displace them out of the play and get hands on the second level players. lol There might be even extreme conditions like tripping and I hope the refs call it fair:

When they are on defense:

-They have to send extra guys to get a pass rush. We need to block well for Tune.
-They limit YAC so we need to pick up yards in chunks on offense.
-They can play man coverage.

When we’re on offense:

-We will have to score by design, not tempo.
Hopefully CKB utilizes the wheel route-slant combo to hurt them when they send corners to blitz.
-We should be able to hit on counter plays (our bread and butter with Carr). Their linebackers are very aggressive.

Just initial thoughts.