Predict the score vs UCF (road)


I predict our 2nd loss of the season. UCF is going to treat this game as their Super Bowl. UH-_78 UCF-_82


Just win baby!


I am not impressed with UCF and the largest taco on the planet.

Coogs win by 10.

(Tom Green) #3

I predict the Tacko will Fall and be crunched into pieces !
Coogs – 74-68

(Nick K) #4

the trio of brady, harris and gresham take turns crunching the :taco:
davis, brooks and robinson all hit their 3s…
coogs 84, ucf 72


Coogs win 76-62

(Larry ) #6

61-49 Coogs

(Patrick) #7

62-60 Coogs.

Going to be a knock-down drag-out battle in Orlando. I have a feeling we’ll see a return of the refs getting involved. Coogs pull it out however with a late 3.

(Ben B) #8

Sticking with my road game tradition: road games are tough, refs suck, and each time we get a run going they will start calling fouls. Coogs lose a close one 73-69 as UCF makes their final 8 FT.


Probably a coincidence, but you just predicted the exact same score as our loss to Temple. It will be close, for sure.

(Randy Worrell) #10

The ESPN Matchup Predictor has been right on every one of our games but one that was our win over BYU. They now have us as 50.4 favorite! 73-67 COOGS!


UCF has some really tall guys and refs like to call lots of fouls against our smaller bigs when playing bigger bigs. So I’m also going to predict our second conference loss and pray really hard that I’m wrong. 72-68 UCF.

(WRB) #12

79-68 Good Guys

(Munzell Milluns) #13

Coogs by 1

(Dan) #14

68-62 Coogs in an ugly close one

(Mike Higdon) #15

Taco will guard the baseline, but Corey, Armoni, and DeJon will fill it up from the outside while Brady pounds down low causing Taco to get into foul trouble. Of course Brady will also be foul trouble. Hinton will nose out a bunch of points as well.

Coogs by 8 or more.


Coogs by 6


Yeah I think Hinton will be nosy on the defensive end as well :wink::joy::joy:

(Ryon Adams) #18

Very close.

UH 75, UCF 73


69-54 coogs win


UCF not very good offensively.

Houston 70 - UCF 60.