Predict the score vs UCF (road)


I hope we beat UCF in the road. That Cincy home game will rival Oregon and LSU crowd.

(Greg Wirthmann) #22

My predictions:
1. Coogs lose 68 - 67.
2. We are no longer ranked in any poll due to a second road loss.
3. This board enters complete meltdown mode and demands that Kelvin Sampson be fired and we hire Bob Huggins.


that’s not even funny as sarcasm.

(PMM) #24

The old reverse psychology try…eh !!!


Either that or he has that small complexion from years past.

(Tom Green) #26

Final Score – UH 77 UCF 68
Congrats to PWRCOOG as looks like he was closest to actual score of game(he predicted 79-68) and point diffential. Several others predicted 8 or 10 pt Coog win but no score attached…Come on Man.
Hot brownies on the way to PWRCOOG
Yours truly predicted 74-68 Coogs so you may see 1/2 brownie missing. :laughing:

(WRB) #27

Ha! Always happy to share.


Tally, you should have given the Coogs ten more points and you would have been dead on…but noooo, you couldnt see the “future win”…

(Greg Wirthmann) #29

No but definitely happy with the result. I’ll even say it was easier than I ever would have expected. Today’s game against Cinci though, was tough. Many props to that team and also how consistent that program has been