Prediction, Don’t ignore History


Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.


I love those giant shoulder pads.

You could see the disgust on the Tech coaches face at the end of the game as we continued to pile it on.
Jenkins took a lot of heat for being unsportsmanlike in those situations (not taking a knee on 4th down when the game was over).

“51 points most ever scored against Tech” - let’s break that record!!

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Indeed - do them a favor; help them to forget!

Watched this last night. Thanks for posting. Spoooooooooooooooooon!

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You tube took the video down for copyright infringement. Dang.

Wow. 5am CST it was still up. Surprised they would still protect this content.

Must of been som me texas tech loser complaining
Its been up for years


back up

Other than Klingler under center rolling left or right on every play except the dive, a lot of the bunches, formations, spread and splits look very similar to the Briles offense. The running game was critical. The shuffle pass was essentially a middle of field bubble screen.

I think Roman Anderson became the UH all time scoring leader during those years. (Lots and lots of PATs and FGs.)

Brown was 10:2 in the 100M. The Run N Shoot was an amazing treat.
Thank you, thank you Mr. John Jenkins
Dikes face says it all.


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