Press Conference 10-23

(Brian C) #1

Was just taken down – will repost when the link comes up.

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Taken down because Private Applewhite fell asleep at the podium?
(or was it just the audience like normal?)


(Jimmy Morris) #4

Well that answers the 4th and 1. A fake punt was planned, it was suppose to be called off but wasn’t. Dane decided to punt the ball anyway which was the right move for how the defense was set up.

(David) #5

Wow…4th and 5 MAYBE and I think that is a stretch. 4th and 1 and the best chance to get the yard is a fake punt?


“Did you see 2nd and 3rd down?” - CMA

(Jerrycoog) #7

That had to be the biggest loser answer I have ever heard a coach say in response to why he didn’t try and win the game.


Yeah. I think he got defensive because he knew he blew it and made the wrong call. It was a lame ass answer.

(David) #9

Me to CMA: “3rd time is the charm?” I would rather see play-action and throw downfield than a fake punt trying to get 1 yard.


You, and a stadium full of other people as well.

(Jimmy Morris) #11

I still say any sane coach is going to punt on 4th and 1 at their own 40 up by 3. It’s pretty basic. If we go for it and don’t make it, they are about 7 yards away from tying the game. If we go for it and make it, we are still 60 yards from making it a two score game and at least 25 yards from going up by 6. They called for a fake punt only if Memphis had the minimum at the line to block for a return.

(David) #12

I don’t disagree with the strategy of punting when only up by 3. However, that was not the plan according to the press conference and I do disagree with a fake out of a punt formation as the best strategy for getting the 1 yard. So I guess the botched fake punt ended up executing a logical strategy but I would have been fine with lining up and going for it as well – not for the possibility for more points by itself but also to eat some more of the clock and give the defense a break. What is done is done – I thought it was odd to find out the 4th and 1 play was really a fake punt and not a planned punt with a weird snap.

(WRB) #13

On the averages, the right call is to punt and if the D had been able to make a stop, it would not be a topic of discussion but I bet if he had it to do over he would go for it (preferably not with a fake punt).


Is it just me, of does CMA seem tired of it all?
I would really like some defensive questions.
This cover 2 experiment is terrible. It doesn’t work. Try something else. It seems like this staff from top to bottom, is lost. I think the main reason we get outplayed and outcoached in the second half, is this staff as a whole, cannot make adjustments. When the other team makes adjustments, our staff is lost. I also think our players sense the desperation, and have begun to mail in this season.


ill just leave this little nugget:

he quotes numerous times the only reason he isnt giving deriq king a shot at qb is becuase he has been given enough reps

i want to point out…ward had less reps at qb than king does now when he took over…
—ward was completely moved to wr the last 2 games his freshmen year…received zero reps at QB in spring and fall camp…only after embarrassing UTSA loss was he given wildcat only reps (that never threw the ball)…it wasnt till the prep week for ucf was ward given regular qb reps and that was only because okorn was sick…he became the full starter 4 days later going 6-2 afterwards


In a normal game punting when up by 3 makes sense but your D wasn’t stopping anyone from scoring. A fake punt really? If you can’t gain 2 ft. you don’t deserve to win. It’s over what’s done is done but this won’t be his last bad call, you can count on that.


Why would you not give your one true playmaker reps? It’s past time to turn it over to DK. The Postman is a great Coog and outstanding QB2


2 feet. Play to win the game


I can’t really sit and listen to this again but were there any questions about the defense? Why doesn’t anyone address the elephant in the room?


I’ve said several times on here that our issue is coaching. To add to that theme, there were three things that I thought were glaring during this press conference in regards to player assessment.

The first others have already mentioned, not even considering playing King at QB. Maybe he is “playing close to the vest” but his response seems very assertive like “why would I do that?”. Even when the fact that 11 turnovers have occurred in our 3 losses. 11! We are averaging almost 4 a game in those loses.

Second also mentioned, the fake punt. It was supposed to be called off. This is a critical part of the game, there should have been a clear message before lining up that “we are punting the ball” or “we are going to fake punt”. I just can’t believe how lost we are. Poor communication, poor coaching.

Lastly, he mentioned that Mulbah Car will be second string but Catalon will be carrying the majority of the work load. For the season Mulbah Car has 21 carries for 127 yards. That is exactly 6 yards a carry. For the life of me I cannot understand why we cannot get him on the field more. Anyone?

Our coaches cannot evaluate talent and are wasting the already known talent that we have.