Proof our ultimate seed fate was decided EARLIER than yesterday...possibly sooner!

(Jason) #1

Don’t know if anyone else noticed or caught wind of this, but have a look at the attached image…

I’m sitting here pumped about my Coogs being in the dance, trying to find a U of H March Madness T-shirt, etc…

I found this one that looked pretty cool from afar…but upon blowing it up, I noticed the bracket image the T-shirt sports on the back was rather ‘incomplete’ – though the actual shown teams that made it (at-large or otherwise) are seeded and placed exactly as they appear on the actual bracket.

Notice how schools like Davidson (12 seed in the South) and Marshall (13 seed in the East) are missing on the T-shirt image – presumably because they had yet to clinch their respective spots in the tournament Sunday and Saturday, respectively – so that the shirt developer could get a jump on the design.

But also notice how our beloved Coogs are seeded as the sixth seed in the West on the T-shirt (against the still-undetermined San Diego State as of production) – exactly as they appeared in the final bracket.

Hmmm… So, if SATURDAY winners SDSU and Marshall are missing from this image, it looks like the committee may have already completed its seedings and pairings prior to Sunday (and maybe even Saturday) and were essentially going to just ‘fill in’ as the other bubble/non-automatic qualifiers earned their spots.

Thus, that probably also means the Coogs were locked in to their spot prior to the Cincy game as well – maybe even the Wichita game.

Very interesting.


(Eric) #2

This is before the AAC final

NCAA Tournament selection committee chair says 68-team field is set. What will @UHCougarMBK seed be?

— Joseph Duarte (@Joseph_Duarte) March 11, 2018

(Patrick) #3

I imagine our OOC strength of schedule and our bad losses to Drexel and Tulane kept us as a 6 seed.

It’s fine…just glad we didn’t end up as an 8th seed.

(Eric) #4

we are off bracket from the 1 seed too, looking down the road more than I should :slight_smile:

(Mark Shapiro) #5

I’m not going to complain about our seeding or our draw. I’m just excited that we EARNED this trip to the tournament. It didn’t take a lucky run in the conference tournament.

(gpropes) #6

Somebody else noticed that results from the last few days didn’t seem to matter. See this Twitter thread:

(Randy Randel) #7

Wow. So we had nothing to gain Dance-wise. We would have been a 6th-seed even if we had lost Friday nite

That said, I think we did gain some valuable experience, not to mention getting the first postseason game monkey off our back.


We can wring our hands all we want to about our seeding. Bottom line is, don’t lose to Drexel and we would’ve been taken care of.