Pull King

Yes. Pull him. That’s what we did. We had a 7 Pt lead, we had all the momentum, we had Tech on their heels, our Defense needed to be off the field … so what do we do … pull the guy with the scorching hand, put in a RSVP frosh who already has enough on his plate with return and receiver duties, and then we run I don’t even know what to call that **** but it was/is absolutely inexcusable and predictably backfired and fed right into a Tech TD to tie the game.

I don’t care if it was Briles or Apple, Apple should have squashed it before it even happened. “Oh, we wanted to give them a different look”. Guess what genius, the looks we were giving them were doing just fine.

Had we burned clock and given the D more rest or even scored then we have them in a near panic mode.

No Apple apologists need to defend him here. An absolute bone head of bone head decisions. No winning coach would pull crap like that.

While Apple is blaming the D, he needs to have that joke spelled out to his face and make him own up to that ridiculous beyond words decision.


Please. We didn’t have the secondary to stay with their receivers and gave up SIXTY-THREE POINTS. We missed some opportunities, sure, but ultimately we came within a point of 50 on the road against a Big 12 team that may go bowling and we didn’t have a turnover. That means the loss was clearly on the defense. Silly to get worked up about the offense or the offensive coaching.


By all means. Let’s do more of the same. Let’s have Bryson and King rotate.

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The defense was terrible and I think drops killed us today…but I agree with your point that play was a miscalculation for sure.

I think he means that was a turning point. Houston was rolling on offense and then those wildcat plays killed the momentum. Maybe leaving in King would’ve kept the rythym going

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Sure, Briles may have called a bad play there. Someone may have signalled something from the press box or maybe he saw something. . . . Who knows? But I agree the play came off as a dud.

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