QB Stats in the AAC through Week 3


Wow, looks like the King is reining well so far.

Damn! Almost 1k yards through 3 games. That is unreal! 12TD! Goodness!

And one of the most important stat, 0 interceptions.


Impressive…“longue vie au roi”

Now if the receivers would start holding onto balls that hit them in the hands. Is every pass perfect? No, but waaaaaaaaaaay too many drops. And a couple of dropped TDs.


12 tds already, and we’re about to play TsU.

The offense this week will be interesting to see. Part of me wouldn’t be shocked if King doesn’t put up great numbers because we should be able to run fairly easily against TSU. Will KB pull back on the throttle and try to run as much as possible, or will he use this as an opportunity to practice pace? I’m not really sure what to expect, honestly. I’m taking both of my boys (8 and 7), so I’m hoping there are some offensive fireworks to keep their attention.

King has most yards and also most attempts. Brady White of Memphis has highest rating and most yards per attempt. But he has an interception on 30 less passes than King.

King has only been sacked once in 3 games. I would say our OL has much improvved over last season.

I hope he goes full throttle with whichever unit is on the field.

Maybe it is good coaching from the OC? Now if we could do something about the DC…

How are there double digit sacks and we’ve only had 3 games or so played? lol

We need to see a lot of 2nd and 3rd string players and red shirts this game.

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