Quadrangle housing renovation webcam

(David) #1



Replacement of quadrangle housing complex with new construction housing with approx. 1200 beds. Modern design, up-to-date amenities and the classic UH facade.

(Charles) #3

When is the replacement starting? Will they tear down and rebuild a section at a time? Does anyone know?


The Quads will be demolished. Construction started in January. The cost is now $97M since they added 200 more beds.

(Patrick) #5


That’s a shame. I really liked the Quads and their connection to the past. It’s Moody Towers that should be ploughed under.


I think Moody Towers should be renovated. That’s a lot of rooms to replace. They could gut it out, update the interior and put a modern exterior on it. I think it would be a big cost savings keeping the steel structure and foundation in place similar to what they are doing to Fertitta Center.

(VancouverCOOG) #8

It’s coming around 2023 I believe.

(Patrick) #9


Is he sure there are only 7 townhouses in that building and each of them are 3 levels? I know it has a living room, full kitchen and about 4 bedrooms but wow, that would still be a nice size house. I wonder if floor plans for each level has been made public?


Geez man. In the future you won’t even be able to recognize campus.

(Patrick) #12

# New Quadrangle won’t be ready by August 2019

The new Quadrangle residence hall’s completion date has been pushed back to January 2020 after originally being scheduled to open August 2019.

The ground work phase of demolishing the older Quadrangle is complete, but the University ran into issues with negotiating a contract for the construction phase, said Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities/Construction Management David Oliver.

(Chris) #13

I am all for progress but we oughta keep some of our history. Was it that much more money to build these instead of renovating them to 2018? To not be able to distinguish a building at U of H from one in Nebraska or San Marcos, California is a shame. What’s next? Tearing down the Cullen building? At this rate we will have none of the original buildings. If Yale can keep some original buildings why can’t we.


Well it’s too late for the Quads but maybe you can start a petition to not teardown Moody Towers before it’s too late. All it needs is to be gutted out with a new interior and new exterior.


It’s the Quads we should’ve kept and Moody we should have ploughed under. :frowning:

(Timothy Q. Chan) #16

Agree 1000%.

We probably could have sold tickets to an implosion of the Towers. You’d sell them out just from former residents. :wink:


C’mon guys, the towers weren’t that bad. What if they were gutted out and given a modern interior and exterior similar to what was done to Fertitta Center? It would be like 2 brand new modern residential towers.

(Patrick Hubbell) #18

They ARE an eyesore.

(Patrick Hubbell) #19

I already don’t.

(DJ) #20

Student’s don’t want to live in old dormitories, and contrary to what you might believe, new students don’t care about the history of these 60 year plus buildings. Future coogs are mostly all born in the 21st century. These new living areas encourage students to live on campus and help UH get rid of it’s commuter campus status.