Quadrangle housing renovation webcam

(David) #1



Replacement of quadrangle housing complex with new construction housing with approx. 1200 beds. Modern design, up-to-date amenities and the classic UH facade.

(Charles) #3

When is the replacement starting? Will they tear down and rebuild a section at a time? Does anyone know?


The Quads will be demolished. Construction started in January. The cost is now $97M since they added 200 more beds.

(Patrick) #5


That’s a shame. I really liked the Quads and their connection to the past. It’s Moody Towers that should be ploughed under.


I think Moody Towers should be renovated. That’s a lot of rooms to replace. They could gut it out, update the interior and put a modern exterior on it. I think it would be a big cost savings keeping the steel structure and foundation in place similar to what they are doing to Fertitta Center.

(VancouverCOOG) #8

It’s coming around 2023 I believe.

(Patrick) #9


Is he sure there are only 7 townhouses in that building and each of them are 3 levels? I know it has a living room, full kitchen and about 4 bedrooms but wow, that would still be a nice size house. I wonder if floor plans for each level has been made public?


Geez man. In the future you won’t even be able to recognize campus.