Quadrangle housing renovation webcam

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But instead of renovating the Moody Towers, I believe they should be demolished and the university should go with a design that combines the two towers into a single 36 story residential hall. I know it’s overly ambitious, but I also know people want more recognizable buildings. This would be a building you can see from miles away and show the power house we truly are. This is all in my imagination though.


These buildings look great!


That’s too tall for the campus.


Lots of good memories of the quad. I wish there was a way to buy a brick or piece of concrete or something commemorative that looked like a piece of the old building. Would look cool on my desk.


Sounds like a best seller, “The Brick of Memories”. :smile:


I feel like there had to have been an option to renovate the existing buildings so that they were new and attractive on the inside, but maybe not. I think the decision to tear down was probably less geared toward what new students want, and more of an effort to increase population density.

Keeping old buildings is expensive, but it’s also important. What they’re building will be cool, but it would have been nice to design something that was similar to what was torn down - I’d like the campus to continue to look like a university campus, rather than an upscale condo development.


You must not have visited any other universities lately. The upscale condo look is what’s in now for university housing. Universities are catering to the new generation of college students who rather live in upscale condos versus the Quads, which were built right after WWII.

The only building exempt from the wrecking ball is the Cullen building.


You must have made an incorrect assumption. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve seen different approaches, including building new housing with some semblance of the same character of older buildings on campus, particularly where they’re built closer to the interior of the campus. Those campuses also offer other housing that’s built in differing styles.

Downtown Houston is a perfect example, as there are old buildings that have been gutted and rebuilt inside to provide apartments/condos (and these are “in”), while others have been built from the ground up. It doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing approach.


Oh yes that is true on campuses where they have a specific architectural theme. On the outside they look like the traditional campus building but on the inside they look like upscale condos. :grinning: