Quarterback controversy brewing at Houston?

(Patrick) #1

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Applewhite said Allen was “trying to make too much happen” making a play instead of settling for a field goal that would have tied the game at 13.

“It’s a costly lesson, and I know where Kyle is mentally right now and I know how he’s beating himself up, because I’ve been that guy,” Applewhite said. “It stings. He wants to win just like all of us.”

(Cary) #2

IMO, there isn’t a controversy. The decision was made on the field.

Edit: Texas Tech led 13-0 before Caden Novikoff hit a career-long 45-yard field goal midway through the second quarter. D’Eriq King, who made his season debut after missing two games with a knee injury, provided a spark with an 18-yard touchdown catch to pull UH within 13-10.

From that point, UH had two turnovers and four punts on its next six possessions.

That is just… not good.

(Gerald) #3

The offense we ran yesterday was for a dual threat QB. Allen is NOT a dual threat QB. If he is our QB this season we need to change the offense.


Some guys sitting around me at the game said KA played like he was afraid to get hit. I could see that too. Let’s hope that’s not the case.

(CoogNation_14) #5

I agree 100 percent. The coach talked about changing the offense to the players, but it is very clear that is coach speak. On the field they are just running their offense.

In addition, it is just not a good mix of personnel. To take advantage of a QB like Allen we need receivers that can separate. The harsh reality is that they cannot. They are possession receivers; which works great for a dual threat QB that forces separation when he threatens the defense with his mobility.

One more thing: we do not have a break away running back. King is our most explosive player.

Put all these things together and we do have a very average offense and dare I say It, an offense NOT capable of winning a championship. That does not sell tickets in Houston. The coaches have to make some very tough decisions that are going to affect some very real players and students.

They have very few options:
Change the offensive playbook in a hurry.
Force Allen to run the option.
Change and commit to that QB.

IMO I do not think Postma is the answer. We would basically be running an offense like Navy. Again, that doesn’t sell tickets (IMO) here in Houston.



(Monte P Gilliam) #7

Postma playing should be just like Postma playing 2 years ago…its the same offense, but we must have a mobile QB or we cant use a lot of the plays we did with Ward…With Postma or King, we can go back to our complete offensive system…what we ran the last 2 years…

(G.W.) #8

Postma may not be the answer… BUT, he may.
He is now a Senior. He does not run like Ward. But he runs hard.
To the Navy analogy…Ward was like their previous QB, Reynolds. But the next QB was even more difficult to bring down. He was big and ran HARD.

I see Postma that way. He runs hard and throws well.

King might be awesome. If GE is beer than Postma then all the better. I just have never seen him at the helm.

(Chris) #9

Let’s see how Postma digest a full week of reps with the first Team. I hope that is the case. This will be good for everyone including Allen and King. Our Team needs to take a step back and understand what made this offense work.


I’m truly up in the air on whether I’d rather see Postma or King at QB. My fear wtih Postma is the two starts where the other team knew he was going to start (UConn 2015 and Lamar 2016) and could prepare for him, he wasn’t that good. His running ability does keep defenses honest, but I don’t really trust his throwing ability.

King is way more like Ward, and while he had eye-popping passing stats in 6A high school football (over 11,000 yards for his career in high school!), we all know it’s a different game at the college level. But with his explosiveness, we could run a true RPO and maybe…just maybe…open up some running lanes. But until I see him throw some passes at this level, I don’t trust his throwing ability either.

This week presents a good opportunity to judge both in game. We are playing a terrible Temple team and should be able to win comfortably enough to get both of those guys some in-game snaps. It’s probably not the most popular move for the coaching staff who undoubtedly prefer stability, but if it can be decided now that Allen is not the guy, let’s figure out quickly who is the guy before we get to the hard part of our schedule.


Coach Herman took the blame for bad play calling as the cause for the UConn loss in 2015. I tend to agree with that assessment. I didn’t see the Lamar game except for the first score. Just couldn’t hold out until the lightning delay was lifted.

If part of the offensive problem is the WRs can’t separate, that shouldn’t matter with Allen because he is supposed very accurate, right? Just drop it in there. 3 of his 4 INTs have been into what looked to me like triple coverage. I agree that a QB who is a threat to run either when the receivers are covered or on a called QB run will open things up across the board. Allen doesn’t seem to have quick enough feet to avoid a hard rush. Maybe his top-end speed is good but he needs quicker feet to side-step a hard rush. Postma’s feet are a quicker and King’s quicker still.

Moreover, CMA has said repeatedly, including today’s presser, that ball security is critical. I don’t see how Allen starts vs Temple if CMA means what he says. Also, if it were up to me, Will Noble would have to sit the first couple of series, as a disciplinary measure. No excuse for so many low snaps, including the roller/turnover.

If Postma starts, who is number 2? Allen or King?

One play I haven’t seen this year is the throw-back to the TE. That play was very successfu the last two years, especially close to the goal line.


I agree that we need to utilize the TE more in our passing game.