Quentin Grimes Highlights | Former All-American! Future All-American?


Great video as always. I’m really hoping Grimes puts it all together this year.

Grimes was better than most give him credit for last year. Definitely has to be more consistent.

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Great vid @pesik!

I think the inconsistencies were caused by some nagging injuries. Hopefully he has a healthy 20-21 campaign.

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Injuries and lack of confidence. Maybe those 2 are related. If he stays healthy and can stay in a rhythm this year, I think we’ll get the All American we were all hoping for last year.


If he is consistent and injury free this year he will be playing in the league the next year

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When is the last time we came into a season with everyone completely healthy? It seems that someone has been injured to start the last few years and now we have Fabian out for the season.

But it happens to all teams…

And another one :point_up:

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We have actually been very fortunate on the injury front since Sampson has been here. This is the first time we have lost a key player for possibly the season.
If Gorham plays well with the extra minutes may end up being a good thing we will likely have him back an extra season.

Too bad Alley is leaving, he could have filled the void…no?

I think yes from rebounding perspective.

He was a liability offensively though. He wouldn’t have filled the offense void, not even close.

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