Quentin Grimes ‘looks and acts like a veteran'


If he could be more consistent, he’d be deadly.


In my mind, I see Dejon as the team’s emotional leader and I think Quentin will be the “consummate professional” leader. I really see those two guys as the yin and yang to this team. Separate, they’re very distinct and unique players with different leadership styles…but together, I think they can take this team a very long way.

Emotion does not always equate to leadership. Hinton was our emotional leader last year.
Keep your eye on the Mark kid because he will eventually be one who gets the crowd fired up,
I love Deeky and when he plays under control he is the man but he has to keep his composure and think team first.
When he does that he is the best we have

Sometimes it seems like he can bite off more than he can chew.


I think Deeky needed this program and the culture.
He needed a little more nurturing to get to where he wants to be. I believe in him and and that he is set to have a great SR season.


a lot of people dont give dejon credit on this…if im honest dejon was more of a leader than hinton last year … if you want to talk “emotional leader” “lead by example” or “the player doing all the right things” then sure it was hinton…but talking the player who actually lead other players and looked out for them, it was dejon…the one cheering everyone through their failures and success, it was dejon

the announcers even caught it a few times…once grimes was having a terrible game, dejon just fouled out…the announcers noticed dejon went straight to grimes telling him he could do this, that he had faith in him to finish the game. when grimes made a shot a few moments later the announcers made a joke about dejon cheering him did the trick…i can name a similar story for sasser, mills. & hinton, he was “big bro” on the team…dejon makes mistakes but he had ridiculously more good than bad moments in respect to leadership


@pesik…I agree. That’s somewhat along my point…I think Quentin slides into Nate’s leadership role. I think those two (Quentin and Dejon) together will enable the team to excel.

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I said he has the potential to be the best point guard we have had around here in a long.
But he lost his cool too many times last year, costing us a road win and almost costing us a home game with a bone head decision late.
I think he and coach Sampson hopefully have all that ironed out now so he should be ready for even a better senior year.
Hinton was my favorite player because his hustle was contagious.
Deeky might be our best returning defensive player and yes I have high expectations for him and our Coogs.
I was not in anyway ripping on Deeky. This year he will not bite a chunk out of anyone nor will he get a dumb tech from jawing with an opposing coach lol

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lol i know you werent ripping dejon,Also im not denying the bad moments he had, i just wanted to note that he had a ton more good moments that Just get overlooked by the 2 or 3 bad moments…there are a few games last season sasser completely lost his compsure and got emotional, it was Always Dejon who came to tell him it was alright … as another example

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In the zoom call CKS said Dejon has been the best teammate since he arrived on campus. Also mentioned they had a heart to heart about his nba feedback so I expect him to be really good this year. I think Grimes is going to have a big year. Sounds like he is confident and ready to go.

since there is nothing really else to talk about this offseason, ill note on grimes

i think our season will be defined by grimes, i think he carries our ceiling- he has to be “the guy” …the numbers and film also back that, we were 10-1 when he scored 15 or more…the sole loss was because he only went off after the game became out of reach (uconn; 9pts in the last minute of the game)…whenever he goes off, especially early in games we were almost unbeatable

why “grimes” and not one of any of our other guards…talking realistic growth expectations…sasser height/scoring of the dribble, dejon shooting ability , freshman dont win titles are obvious limitations on those guys
there are some who want mills to be the “guy” next year…but IMO if mills is the guy leading us is scoring by a margin, we likely arent a great team, and will be that team with that “superstar” but is only marginally good --like trae youngs oklahoma, ja morants murray state …mills went off in most of our losses

the difference between mills going off and grimes going off is passing ability…something obvious in the film is when mills is going off, the bigs auto start looking for the rebound as soon as he touches the ball , and other guards are just standing watching…no one expects a pass…defense are aware and play help…when grimes is going off, the court is completely spread because grimes is such a good passer, both O/D have to be alert creating spacing or open looks…I Also i think the better grimes is the better dejon will be…for the reason above…dejon might start getting true isos again like 2 years ago


Good points. I agree with Grimes being the key…but I’m not discounting anytime he might recognize someone else is having a “going off” game…and deferring to them. It’s part of what will make this team so dangerous to other teams offensively…what poison are they going to pick?

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Agreed 100%…ie his play in Hawaii. That Ga Tech game he really dominated the 1st half and set the tone. I’m aboard the Grimes train as the catalyst for the season.

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+1 The Q-Train will lead UH is leaving the station - all aboard!

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There are different ways we can be very good this year but the most straight forward possible ingredient is Grimes stepping up his game/consistency and having a huge year.

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While I agree with your assessment of Grimes, I think we need to remember that Sasser and Mills are no longer freshmen. I expect them both to step up their games. Mills and Tyson are sophs, but had that redshirt year of training, so I expect them to be ahead of a standard soph. I think Sasser has a chance to be another Galen, but with better shooting.

I really don’t know what to expect out of our freshmen this year, I just trust that CKS will have them ready when needed at the beginning of conference play.

One ingredient we were short on last year that we will have this year is senior leadership. Harris did what he could, but it is really important to have that coming from more than one source. Jarreau and White are the seniors I was looking for the most, but maybe Gresham and Gorham will also step up to the role. There’s something about being a senior that makes a difference in attitude.

I am not sure how White not playing will affect his leadership role, especially with the freshmen, but I think he will still be a big contributer in that area. The main thing is we have upper classmen to set the culture for the newbies, whether said newbies are coming from high school or by way of transfer.

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I am pumped for his next season.

Saw him for USA basketball where he won 2018 FIBA Americas U18 Championship MVP!!

See he is on nbadraft.net 2021 mock at 41. I think he will be pushing lottery by end of 2021 though.


Quentin is now #28 on the 2021 mock draft. It was updated this morning for ndadraft.net

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Long road to a lottery pick but hopefully he gets there. Dude deserves it if he puts in work this season. It’s a good sign he got on a mock draft before season starts.


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