Quentin Grimes (Update: Houston)

Ok there may already be a thread for this but I saw that there’s a chance that Quinton Grimes May transfer here! Thoughts?

Former 5 star I think out of the woodlands coming from Kansas. People are saying it’s down to us and sheep college

long thread, skip to nearly the end

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K thanks

Talk and hints have definitely picked up with an announcement date planted.
Exciting times.

I read that QG has enrolled at UH? Truth?

no…he’s just been working out …he hasnt even publicly committed yet…we find out tomorrow, but signs pointing to a win for the good guys

GoCoogs.com has reported that he has applied for admission.


THAT right there is good news of Progs-ian proportions.

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Its done!




Look out Memphis

The only downside for Grimes is transferring will force him to sit out for a year before he’s able to get back on the court. He will be 20 years old when the 2020-21 season begins.

Despite the long wait to return to competitive action, the Cougars will provide Grimes with an opportunity to showcase his talent in a way he didn’t feel was going to happen at Kansas. He’s still a young man loaded with potential.

If Cougars head coach Kelvin Sampson is able to work with Grimes and unlock his talent, Houston will have a potential superstar on its hands for at least one season.

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Mr. Jonathan Aku, your turn is next!

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Article says he’s sitting this coming season. That is NOT the plan. They think he’ll be eligible next season because of KU’s NCAA trouble.


We are a solid elite 8 program.


Houston lands top transfer Grimes from Kansas. I suspect he will be one and done but it should be a great year for him and UH.

Grimes, the best transfer player still available in ESPN’s rankings, chose the Cougars over Texas A&M.

He’s expected to apply for a waiver to be eligible immediately at Houston, as The Woodlands, Texas, native is transferring back to be closer to home. It’s unclear whether the NCAA’s rule changes earlier this week regarding waivers will impact Grimes’ hopes to play right away. If Grimes isn’t given a waiver, he will have to sit out the 2019-20 season.

He will have three years of eligibility remaining, though Grimes, a 6-foot-5 guard, entered his name into the NBA draft shortly after his freshman season at Kansas finished. He was widely expected to keep his name in the draft but withdrew hours before the deadline – and promptly entered his name into the transfer portal.




So, I’m guessing we get 1 year of Grimes then he goes pro. I’m not opposed to that.

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Wow is right. This is a huge get. Welcome to the family Mr. Grimes.

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