Quentin Grimes (Update: transferring to Houston)

I agree. Actually I think another year of development here with CKS will profit him in the longer run to
a level more befitting of his dreams.


Yes Grimes needs more development. It is possible he will never be an NBA guy but staying 2 more years could mean the difference from making a roster with his degree in hand to leaving the country to keep playing without a degree.

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Grimes scored over 1/3 of our points.

Grimes can score any ### time he wants. He’s been passive all year…except for a blip here and there. When he sets his mind to it he’s a handful.

If I were to turn anybody completely loose it wouldn’t be Mills. It would be Quinton. Grimes can hang a mountain of fouls on the bad guys. It’s all a matter of steam.

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If that’s the case, which I don’t believe, then why doesn’t he??? Are the coaches holding him back or is it our scheme and he is trying to get everyone else involved? Come March I just don’t see why Sampson would not tell him to score as many as possible, we are in fact trying to a Natty!

Grimes is only a sophomore on a new team , still trying to find his role , but I think he is close and it is starting to show … I expect him to be big the rest of the way … Mills in same situation… this team is about to roll …



Samson mentioned it in the pressure last week. Sampson described grimes as not the type that would punch you back if you punch him.

That’s it! He’s going through an adjustment to our culture and finally we are seeing him start to play tougher and feel comfortable.

Sampson also have the analogy of him acting differently like “acting like you’ve been invited to the party vs being a party crasher who snuck in the backdoor.”

That is exactly what we are seeing.


CMS knows his team and how to get them going. So lucky to get him!

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I happened to notice in one game - it looked like Gimesy had a lane to take the baseline and drive to the hoop - but pulled the ball back out. The camera panned over to Coach Sampson who raised his arms in the classic muscle flexing posture - as if to say - get strong - take the ball to the basket strong, Mr. Grimes. I think it is a bit ironic - but it is possible that Quentin needs to build his confidence -we think a Burger All American 5 star would, if anything, be overconfident. However, I think Sampson spent the first few months instilling a new culture and now understands - time to build the confidence. In my very humble opinion - I think Grimes will look back and think he was lucky to have Coach Sampson - and Sampson will think he was lucky to have Grimes attend UH.


Sampson has 700 plus wins man.

I don’t see why more hometown kids are not taking advantage of his tutelage.

Great point my friend.

Sampson doesn’t game plan by telling his players not to score and to score. We run the offense and the players need to be able to recognize what the defense is doing and how attack it. When the opportunity presents itself it is up to the player to react and make the appropriate play.

Do we need to a better marketing campaign? Put up billboards? Social media ? Grassroots ?

I just don’t understand it. 700 wins - he knows what he is doing.

Grimes is just now getting fully healthy. We’re starting to see the results of that.


Great observation! Confidence and health rising at the same time

Grimes is in the process of breaking out and becoming our Star Player.

Not yet. He is over 600 wins. I believe he crossed the 600-win total last year.

Wishful thinking lol. Thought he was at 700.

Q - “If our shots are falling we should beat any team by 20”.

That’s true and makes me smile real big.

I believe it too!! But I’m a true homer. Hard to be objective from my POV. I definitely would not want to have to play us in the tourney.

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