Quentin Grimes (Update: transferring to Houston)

well the season is getting closer to starting, so we’re going to find something out one way or the other here pretty soon

I concur.

I wouldnt be shock if the waiver was officially filed a few weeks ago after the Kansas news. He’s going to play this year I believe.

I sure hope so. But I have my reservations with all of the production lost from last season.

Shoo-- we lost better talent in Rob Gray & Dotson before and we came out ok.

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We lost Rob and Dotson in separate years, fyi. Nonetheless, I agree with the overall premise that we will be just fine.

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We definitely will be fine but I don’t want to downplay what was lost. Lost a lot of shooting, leadership and defense at the point of attack. To me the biggest question is will the defense be as good. Galen and Corey’s defense at the point of attack made it hard on opponents.

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We gain offense Galen lacked. We gain size and length in the backcourt, tho. Leadership could be coming from Hinton, White & Gorham.

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Any ideas as to when they will announce go or no go on his waiver request?

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There isn’t one. They could announce after the games start or today. That’s why it’s frustrating.

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We lose Galen’s quickness in bringing the ball up the court. That extra step mattered in many games
when defenses did not have a chance to setup. I watched for similar speed last year and did not see it, perhaps one of the newcomers will have it.


Plus he was so good he could inbound pass to himself off a defenders back… twice.


Galen was a leader on and off the court. Remember he was only a three star coming out of high school but coach Sampson loved his game.
Galen gave us that burst of speed down the court and played his heart out on defense. Our backcourt’s defense was contagious to the team.
With Galen it was like having coach Sampson on the court running the show.
That said, it might take time but I think we improve as the year goes along and yes I think we can be as good and maybe better than last year’s squad.
Sampson has a variety of talent and will spend the first part of the year putting the pieces of the puzzle together.
I know very little about Grimes, but I know he has to be a special talent or he would not have started at KU last year as a freshman.
But if Grimes is eligible he is coming into a great situation. He is coming home, will get to play with a great bunch of kids with talent, and will be coached by one of the best in America…


Grimes was front and center of the latest UH basketball insta post featuring them taking team photos. Like, he was the main focus of the video pretty much.

Almost as if he is playing this year.


I think we’re all hopeful.

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Are we there yet? :unamused:

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If you ask again I am turning this car around!


sooooooo UH Baskeball posted a picture on Instagram for the official 2019-2020 basketball team and Grimes was in it…

am I looking too much into things? or do they know something we don’t?

No link ?

What a tease.