Question About Norvell at Memphis

As I peruse through other forums, I keep reading Norvell has ‘skeletons’ in his closet. Does anyone here know anything about these issues?

Everyone does. I think people should stop trying to make some humans more than human.

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Whatever they may be, they seem to be impeding his career progress.

Have you seen an article write-up on it?

Nope. All I have read in forums is the mention of ‘skeletons’. One commenter mentioned a drinking issue but that’s about it. So I really don’t have much of anything but the tid bits I’ve read.

Want to say he likes to go to casinos a lot, that’s what’s I’ve read on other forums

Asking respectfully… why is this anyone’s business?


No one wants a coach who likes to drink and gamble. :smile:


BECAUSE we want him GONE at Memphis…Take that FSU job he is being considered for…better for us, believe me.

Who cares? I always wonder why people have to stick their noses into other people’s drinking? Does he hurt anyone? has he gotten into fights? Does it affect his job? Does he drive drunk? If he ( or I or anyone else) drinks after hours, who cares?

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when you decide if its … drinking … carousing … gambling … cheating … motorcycle riding with ah honey … PLEASE LET ME KNOW …

I am just dying to find out


Ron, after reading your post, I have checked every closet in my home and have found no skeletons. You had me scared for a minute there.


:joy: LMAO!

He killed 5 hookers

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If that was for me, please know my comment was just for fun.

There is a red flag with Norvell that P5 teams steer clear of hiring him. Don’t know what it is but more than 1 P5 has leaked or press released that he isn’t a candidate for a job after speculation he would be. Schools don’t usually just do that.

I’ve said this more than once Norvell doesn’t scare me Fickell does that guy is the real deal and needs to get poached. Remember no more divisions starting next year.

Having a coach that does a good job but has some unidentified or trivial thing that keeps bigger programs away is the dream.

This is why I hope Holgorsen cusses up a storm at every available opportunity.


Ha. You ain’t lying. Coach your ass off but be just sideways enough to scare other schools off.


That being said IMO if Norvell wins a NY6 bowl he’ll level up in poach land and a lower to mid P5 job will be there if he wants it.

Spreading unsubstantiated rumors about a person’s personal conduct is not something I think should be done. If you have proof, produce it, or at least produce some kind of article that gives some credibble basis. Otherwise, I would refrain.