Question about stubhub

(Cristian) #1

Saw on stubhub tickets for as low as $6. Wouldn’t it make more sense for the people that have them there to price them 5 dollars above what UH sells the game. In order to entice people to buy directly from UH. Come on guys price then higher. Or can someone explain to me what the thinking is? Other than butts in seats because some of the more expensive ones are empty according to the the online market.

(Katie) #2

They are as low as $4 on Seatgeek.

(Patrick) #3

Ticket brokers bought the tickets for the big games; basically just trying to make any money for these games. Guessing the LSU game will be seeking for more next week.

(Randy ) #4

That’s not how the market works. People will take whatever they can get. And, not everyone selling the tickets are fans.

(David) #5

Are you asking why people with tickets are trying to sell them on StubHub for less than what people can walk up and buy at UH? For a game against Lamar?

(Cristian) #6

yeah but more so for the actual fan and not the ticket broker. I mean them too, but more so the fan to help the school and force brokers to raise prices. Just an observation.

(Jimmy Morris) #7

Most of the people selling tickets on stubhub aren’t worried about us selling out games. Most probably bought Oregon and Lamar or LSU and Lamar mini package and are underselling the UH website to recoup some money. FYI, $6 actually cost anywhere from $12 to $16 bucks each depending on the website. The “download cost” is a fee that cracks me up.

(Jimmy Morris) #8

I think he is trying to say, for big UH supporters, is recover $6 really worth the trouble of keeping UH from selling more tickets.


$6 ticket for Lamar from StubHub was $9.80 with fees.

(Katie) #10

Wouldn’t it make for sense for the school to sell tix for less for games like Lamar?

I bought amazing seats for 7 bucks on Seatgeek, no regrets.


Lamar type games should roll night club style…free admission for the ladies and two drink minimum.


Are they going to charge 10 bucks for parking every game?

(Jimmy Morris) #13

Technically it costs less to go to games like Lamar because they are available for single ticket sales and premium games like Oregon and LSU require package purchases. What they don’t take into account, is that ones only interested in games like Oregon or LSU, won’t go to the other game. It will just be put up for resale.

The first year of a new arena/stadium, it’s hard to know the demand. If they lower ticket prices after tickets have been purchased, you tell people to wait instead of buying early. So I believe they are stuck with current prices, other than occasional marketing deals until next season.

(Randy ) #14

The problem is most of the people selling tickets on Stubhub aren’t big UH supporters. The few that are couldn’t change the market if we tried.