Question of the Week: Who should be Texas' coordinators?

Question of the Week: Who should be Texas’ coordinators?

Bobby Burton, Publisher
"Well, Todd Orlando is a done deal. And I’m fine with that selection, even over Dave Aranda. Orlando’ hiring will give the staff some continuity"


Soooo…if I’m reading that correct, the way news is going these days, Orlando will soon be named head coach at North Carolina A&T. Congrats on the head coaching gig CTO!


Does the staff really need continuity? They are paid pretty well to do their job regardless. How much continuity can you have with an entire new set of players?

Give them continuity? He already has 2/3 of the same staff… that is just stupid writing there.

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Suggestion, Wily T. Coyote for O coordinator, Porky Pig would be right on for D coordinator. They’re Texas, why should you need coaches fir they’re so great. Let Hemeroid do it all, I’ll bet he can. woo, woo

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