Question: Re Seat Commitments

Good morning all. I’ve finally relocated to Texas (New Braunfels area) after 10 years and ready to purchase season tickets again.

Question: Are the seat commitments a 1 time fee or are they annual?

Looking to get four tickets in section 300 309 and the seat commitments are $370 + $200 per ticket and just wondering if in future years if my total will be $800 instead of $2,280.

Thank in advance.


The commitment is a required Cougar Pride “donation” and has to be paid every year.

Those fees are due every year. And the exact amounts seem to change a bit every year too.

Thanks for the quick responses guys.

My seat donation changed between 2015 and 2016 because I changed sections. Other than that, they have been steady on the 200 level anyway.

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your welcome. I am retired now and the CP donation for my seats are really hurting. I bite the bullet this year but next year I may have to move to cheaper seats.

Do they send you a parking pass with your season tickets,?

They do, provided your CP level qualifies you for a parking permit.

The CP donation is essentially a way to increase membership. Basically every season ticket holder is a Cougar Pride member. If they did away with the donation requirement they would just roll it up in the ticket price.

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Even with the Cougar Pride donation, UH Football is the best sports entertainment value in Houston.


I keep hearing, from CP, that the seat donation is not tax deductible anymore… Is that true? Supposedly, it is due to the new tax law.

My understanding is that this is the case. That’s why there was a push from CP to donate prior to 1 JAN so that it would be tax deductible, which I did.

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That’s correct. It’s no longer deductible as a charitable deduction. This changed with tax reform.

As others have said, it is true. But, if you are looking for a charitable donation to make, any CP donation that is not for your sporting event seats is still deductible as a charitable donation.

The rule of thumb is any donation to a charitable organization is deductible unless you get something in return. Because there is a required CP 'donation" to purchase season tickets, that “donation” is not deductible because we get something in return - our season tickets. It really is a part of the season ticket price we just get a warm fuzzy knowing that a chunk is tagged for CP.

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Hypothetical - one seat may cost $200 + $200 in CP.

Since the $200 CP is no longer tax deductible, should the seat now be a flat $400?

That would make the seat potentially higher on the open market.

What is the value of a season ticket if half of it is no longer tax deductible?

Question, to create a discussion, what is the best plan moving forward?

It still gets our cougar pride donations higher which is a good thing. It gets looked at for conference realignment.

I don’t see why it matters. It’s $400 either way.

If you are not able to use your tickets to the game, you could potentially recoup more of your cost if the face value of the ticket was higher with a lower CP requirement since everyone has to pay face from UH. I am not sure it would help much but it wouldn’t hurt.

to you and me this seems reasonable but the money to CP and for season tickets go in different accounting buckets. CP money is counted as a donation to the University while the ticket money is counted as operating income.

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Which sections offer 3 seats for $600.00 total?

305 306 310 311 329 224 225 233 234
all of these are 125 / 75

Well, I’ll have to plan ahead for that much money. I have one year left with Young Alumni" pricing and I paying 1/3 that for sec 233. It’s going cost me to stay on the second level…worth it. Haha

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