Ranking every team in college basketball from 1-351

(Patrick) #1

How are these rankings created?
Halfway between a pure rating system and a pollster’s (greatly) expanded top-25 ballot, you’ll encounter something like these rankings. They’re the product of a lively and occasionally contentious conversation between yours truly and my laptop.

I start by rounding up the usual modeling suspects, namely, how good was the team last season and who’s back from that roster. I make due allowance, where applicable, for sensational incoming freshmen. Lastly, I tweak as I see fit, allowing for things like transfers, aberrantly good or bad 3-point luck on offense or defense last season, coaching changes, etc.

Wichita State - 2
Cincy - 7
SMU - 37
Temple - 60
UCONN - 64
Houston - 70
UCF - 72
Tulsa - 79