Rankings and Bracketology (Jan 8th)

(Patrick) #1

No AP or Coaches poll votes: http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/rankings

  • Wichita State is 5th in both polls
  • Cincy is 14th in the AP and 13th in the Coaches poll

Pomeroy has us at 42 (down from 37 last week)

RPI is 53 (down from 46 last week)

Massey Composite has us at 44 (down from 36 last week)

RPI Forecast predicts Houston to finish 21-9 and finish around 45th in RPI

In the sheets the Committee gets, Houston is:

  • 2-1 vs RPI Tier 1
  • 1-1 vs RPI Tier 2
  • 2-0 vs RPI Tier 3
  • 7-1 vs RPI Tier 4

(Patrick) #2

Lunardi’s Bracketology from Jan 4th has Houston as the 2nd team Out

Jerry Palm didn’t from Jan 5th didn’t have Houston listed in his projections

SBNation bracket from Jan 5th has Houston as the 4th team out

NBCSports bracket from Jan 8th has Houston playing in a First Four game against Minnesota as the 11th seed in the West - Winner would face Creighton

Going by BracketMatrix predictions, which grabs a number of brackets and averages it out, Houston would be the final team in the bracket as of Jan 8th


(Patrick) #4

Lunardi has us in this week as an 11 seed playing Boise State in the play-in game with the winner playing Miami.


(PMM) #5

My prediction is that for UH to get in this year, we need at a minimum, a 12-6 record in the AAC with at least 1 win against Cincy or WS.

Otherwise, the way it is shaping up, only Cincy and WS will get invites.

(Dan) #6

If the AAC isn’t averaging around 4 bids and getting three in a down year, inviting wichita state was a mistake. They were brought in to up AAC visibility and RPI bottom line. I think we get three in this year at least but there’s been a lot of minor upsets (like SMU last night) which is hurting the cause.

(Patrick) #7

Nowhere else to put this one, but I just had to mention this one. Just want to bathe in Aggie tears:

(PMM) #8

Well, it could be worse, they could have played 6 SEC games :sunglasses: