Rate the Last Movie You Watched

(Ryon Adams) #1


Just saw “Alita” today at Alamo Drafthouse. Definitely worth a look! Imagine a movie that combines Robocop, A.I., Blood of Heroes, and Star Trek: First Contact, with a “blood sport” that is essentially a cross between the ancient Meso-American ballgame, and the roller derby!

(Timothy Q. Chan) #2

So it’s good for kids? :smile:

(Patrick) #3

Interesting, I’ve been torn on this one, but been hearing good things about it.

(Ryon Adams) #4


Not sure. It has some foul language and some pretty serious violence.

I’m sure that it’s fine for junior high kids and above, but it’s not really intended for little kids.

It’s more of an older kid and adult movie.


Captain Marvel was really well done. If this is how you roll you won’t be disappointed.

(Patrick) #6

I’m combining the Captain Marvel and Alita threads and changing the title to “Rate the Last Movie You Watched.” Seen it on other forums and I think it might spark discussion.

As far me, I finally got around to seeing Avengers: Infinity War, Antman and Wasp, and Jurassic World 2 this week.

Avengers: IW was great; and I thought they did a great job handling all the characters and still making the movie interesting. I know where the story is going as I read the comics (although not the same beats), but it was still engaging.

Antman and Wasp was a bit silly at times and I don’t think the humor hit as well as the first one, but I thought the action scenes were top notch, especially with Wasp. The one where she pops out the back window of the SUV, swings around and comes through the front window was incredible.

Jurassic World 2 was basically a mindless monster flick. A lot of it didn’t make sense when you think about it and the story is eh. Still, the dinosaurs are cool and they actually set up the next one well. Just hope they have better writers.

(Timothy Q. Chan) #7

In the theater? Last one I saw was Thor Ragnarok. (I don’t watch too many movies). I’m not a big fan of the super hero movies, but I absolutely loved this one. I’ve since seen it three or four times at home. Great flick, had me in stitches throughout.


Apollo 11
Excellent movie that brought back lots of memories of the glory days of NASA.

(PortlandCoog) #9

Ready Player One:

Meh… it was ok. I hear the book is much better that it is based on.


Saw the documentary about WWI. It was great although it centered around the British army.
Saw a chinese movie about the end of the world. Not bad although it was all subtitles and the science they proposed was really out of someone’s vivid imagination.

(Patrick) #11

Went and saw the new Hellboy movie last night. Wife was a big fan of the two original movies; I had never seen them.

This one was decent. Frenetic pacing hurt it a bit as they were whipping around locations so fast it was hard to really get a feel for the characters. Still, the action was good and Harbour did do a good job once they slowed down a bit to actually focus on the Hellboy character a bit.

There is a lot of gratuitous gore in this including one extended scene near the end.

They also set up a sequel with the end credit scene.

All in all, it was Ok. If they do a sequel, hopefully they slow it down a bit and focus on the characters a bit more. Wife was happy so that’s all that mattered to me.